Bring back the Fat to the Skill Certification System

I was wondering if CCP would bring back the Fat to the Skill Certification System, there was humor in the old Certification System and I miss it, the new Certifications I find rather bland, and not that I did this, but I liked you could display them like Medals that and some certs could be awesome to display like Fleet Co-Ordinator Elite, or Core Competency Elite :stuck_out_tongue:

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What would you people think if they add Fleet and Logi Mastery Certs? or other support, weapons, or defense mastery certs like they had or re-imagined to the new system? they could modify requests to join corps to have cert or even just skill requirement check in game, if they didn’t have the requirements on there skill tree the corp app wouldn’t go through or something, and they could do that for in game role requirements as well?

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