Skill plans

I was thinking if this could be made a certified skill plan, it can be found from in-game chat channel Amixime’s skill plans:


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EVE used to have certificates for flying certain ships at certain mastery levels, i miss that aspect of the game, being certified at different levels or for different skills i think should be a thing again. #classiceveexperience

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the certificate system is still in the game.

I miss the certificate tree as it was a pretty nice way to visualize things but certificates can still be found in the ship mastery level as well as from the skill window for certificates not tied to ships.

as to the idea the last thing the game needs is what is essentially a ccp endorsed re-enforcement of the “magic 14” skills whos importance to new players is repeatedly over exaggerated and ultimately distracting when there are far better options to be training early on.


The magic 14 needs to be renamed… “train these when you don’t know wtf to train”


I Broke the 14 into smaller logical chunks.

channel in game? Mikes Skill Plans


Problem with that is ccps arbitrarily limiting of 10 skill plans per character.

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For any one who wouldn’t know where to look: the “show info” window for ships have a “Mastery” tab. It’s a bit cumbersome to get to and to try to compare them between ships.

Before the Ship Tree (which you can find through the NeoCom) and The Agency, certificates had their own UI in that same vein. Also, there were certificates per skill category, which you could check via the skill sheet and your char sheet. You could chose the ones you wanted to display to other players on your char info (that was before ESI API keys).

There’s still a vestigial existence of skill categories’ certificates, but I can’t find how to get to them in the new skill UI.

In the previous skill interface, you could chose to display “all skills”, “can train now”, “my skills”, “have prerequisites for” and “certificates”. To be fair, though, since the retirement of the dedicated certificate UI, this option was more confusing than useful.

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