Bring beautiful Chimera model back again

Back in 2009 when I was 13 I started playing Eve and like any other kid was looking through all ships in the game when I suddenly noticed one particular ship no one was even talking about. It was Chimera, beautiful spaceship that immediately grabbed my attention and conquered my mind.

I immediately started asking my corpmates about it and they were all laughing at me and telling me that no one is using it. Supercarriers are way better and carriers are only used as support vessels. They told me that I should stick to learning Phoenix if I want to fly capitals and that I shouldn’t waste my time on this garbage.
At school I started to notice that I am constantly dreaming about flying on Chimera, doing solo pvp or helping mates when they are ganked, doing PVE sites and so on.
I decided to calculate how much time I need to learn all skills and start flying on it. I was extremely frustrated when I realized that I need years to learn it and need to stop learning other ships. And then I stopped playing Eve.

One year ago I returned to Eve and started playing again. I was already 26 and had an opportunity to buy PLEX and Inject a lot of Skill Points to fly whatever I want without any need of waiting for years. But when I found out that the old Chimera model was changed back in 2017 I was so dreadfully sad that I started flying Phoenix (which got a great model now by the way).

Now when I know more about the meta than I used to when I was 13, I started to realize that no matter what the meta is I would still fly Chimera if it had the old model just because I love it so much. I know that my aesthetic preferences should not be necessarily shared by other people but maybe I am not alone with these thoughts. Thank you very much

P.S. I am sorry for my bad English


Eve Online: Old Chimera | Archive - YouTube

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Or at least add as a purchasable skin, please :frowning:

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I had never seen the old model, but I like it.

It looks like some sort of animal, yet still a spaceship. It has character.

I fly the new Chimera, and while it doesn’t look terrible, I like the old one better.


How Chimera really looked in game (like 10 seconds):
Eve Online Chimera Review - YouTube


i fully agree, og Chimera is bae!


I was actually thinking about it for some time back in the day. Also wanted to start a thread but thought no one would support me. Totally agree, first Chimera skin was one of the reasons I fell in love with this game :wink:

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i like the regular one but old one has impressed me

Agreed, it was a great model

Please, Bring the old model back. :wink:

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Wow, never knew that Chimera had different model, it definitely was great!

Wow, thx guys, I didn’t expect so much support <3

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