Bring Local back... ish?

Let local be updated as players are spotted by various structures in the game, such as gates, citadels, etc.

This would allow some sense of security, while still allowing the ability for people to be cyno’d in off grid, without appearing in local.

This would also be a great opportunity to redesign “local” to be a more immersive system. The map could display active “pings” from enemy ships as they enter proximity of various structures, such as POCOs, sov equipment, etc.

Local “list” itself could be redesigned to incorporate these various sensor networks, instead of just being a chat room channel.

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Or we could leave it exactly as it is, not increase security for farmers, and let the farmers deal with the fact that EVE is a PvP game and they don’t get to opt out of it.

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That is not a game goal.


OP is hereby awarded the Beating A Dead Horse Achievement Award.

i didnt say increase security. i said increase sense of security.

The two are the same, unless you are assuming that a lot of players are too stupid to realize that the illusion of security they have isn’t real.

Same as

decreased fear

Fear is not a code issue.

Now that’s an interesting way to look at it. Instead of a deployed structure that just returns local as before, friendly structures report characters as being in system when they appear on grid with a structure.

It does sound like that could cause an awful load on the servers, however it does allow wormhole access to give that surprise they so desperately try to claim they need.

It could be interesting to make it a default method, but for full local as before you have a upwell thingy.

Course you wouldn’t need to be worried about local too much of undetectable, unengageable and invulnerable ships weren’t 99% of the pvp meta right now, right?

Well ■■■■, then we are in agreement of changes that reduce safety. So how about a little danger to being cloaked? Or are you still scared of that?
Same for the rest of you cloaked kiddos. Man up or dock.

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