:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!

Not sure if you are interested in “Investment Grade” toons, but I’m considering selling Thirdstorm.

Character dates back to May 7, 2003 - the US launch of the game - #45 among eveboard registered pilots.
Over 300 mm SP all grown naturally, #16 among eveboard registered pilots.
2nd owner, since early 2004.

Still buying!!

This is definitely a nice starter character that can be built up —

808,000 skillpoints with some nice starter skills up to L4 (incl. mining). Skilled up enough to fly right, but not too skilled up to where you MUST go in a certain direction. Also includes a freshly injected CYBERNETICS skillbook… so she’s all ready to go!!!

Shai Lee is a GREAT head-start character to continue taking toward a great character.

BONUS: Shai Lee has THREE (3) bonus remaps available — yes, I said three (3)

4billion if possible, or best offer to B/O.

Password: hhc123

contact here or in-game,


Selling this one https://forums.eveonline.com/t/2005-character-for-sale-only-37-6m-sp-though/51736

Id like to sell 3x vni ratting toons VNI Ratting Alts for sale 3 Bill each separately or all

Selling myself, http://eveboard.com/pilot/Hannibal_Darksun Contact me in game over the next few days if I interest you.


alt for sale would love a quote please.


I’m currently for sale!

Back from vacation and buying characters!!

Sorry I missed a few of you in my absence over the last couple of weeks…

You are available in-game under the name Maizie Fields?

Selling to Maizie, terms agreed upon in game.

Selling to Maizie, terms agreed upon in game.

Selling to Maizie, terms agreed upon in game.


have that for sale , pw 12345

Confirming the purchases of Zim, Niacin and Smartik1. ISK and account info has been sent to each character. Thanks for contacting me, it’s been a pleasure to do business with you ;=)

Selling to Maizie, terms agreed upon in game.

Edit: Transfer initiated

Thanks, Gruul, a pleasure to do business with you!

I am for sale if you are interested :slight_smile: Very focused JF pilot for sale
if not hope you have a good day