:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!

(Maizie Fields) #1

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters at competitive prices. Contact me in-game or post here. I’d be happy to provide you with a bid!

Prospective sellers acknowledge and agree to all CCP terms regarding character sales.

If I may be of assistance in completing a sale for you, please let me know.

(Ioz) #2

(Captain Corni) #3

(Maizie Fields) #4

ISK and character slots currently available!

(Thirdstorm) #5

Not sure if you are interested in “Investment Grade” toons, but I’m considering selling Thirdstorm.

Character dates back to May 7, 2003 - the US launch of the game - #45 among eveboard registered pilots.
Over 300 mm SP all grown naturally, #16 among eveboard registered pilots.
2nd owner, since early 2004.

(Mr Wantuz) #6

(Maizie Fields) #7

Still buying!!

(Shui Zhao) #9

This is definitely a nice starter character that can be built up —

808,000 skillpoints with some nice starter skills up to L4 (incl. mining). Skilled up enough to fly right, but not too skilled up to where you MUST go in a certain direction. Also includes a freshly injected CYBERNETICS skillbook… so she’s all ready to go!!!

Shai Lee is a GREAT head-start character to continue taking toward a great character.

BONUS: Shai Lee has THREE (3) bonus remaps available — yes, I said three (3)

4billion if possible, or best offer to B/O.

Password: hhc123

contact here or in-game,

(Gaden Kytarn) #10


(Millennial) #11

Selling this one https://forums.eveonline.com/t/2005-character-for-sale-only-37-6m-sp-though/51736

(shoneri Eistiras) #12

Id like to sell 3x vni ratting toons VNI Ratting Alts for sale 3 Bill each separately or all

(Hannibal Darksun) #13

Selling myself, http://eveboard.com/pilot/Hannibal_Darksun Contact me in game over the next few days if I interest you.

(Katia S) #14


alt for sale would love a quote please.


(Simon Kimotoro) #15

I’m currently for sale!

(Maizie Fields) #17

Back from vacation and buying characters!!

Sorry I missed a few of you in my absence over the last couple of weeks…

(Gruul Estidal) #18

You are available in-game under the name Maizie Fields?

(Zim Quu) #19

Selling to Maizie, terms agreed upon in game.

(Niacin Dazh) #20

Selling to Maizie, terms agreed upon in game.

(Smartik1) #21

Selling to Maizie, terms agreed upon in game.

(Lex5r) #22


have that for sale , pw 12345