Brisc Rubal 2020 - Tanned, Rested and Ready for CSM 15

Thanks for the nice write-up, much more polite but still clear than I would be able to express the issue with Brisc’s candidacy.

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The imperium/INIT/Brisc working on his resignation…

Your understanding of history is seriously lacking.

Feel free to ask anybody at CCP how they feel about me.


In regards to Olmeca’s post here, I’d like to respond with this clip from My Cousin Vinny, which sums up my argument more succinctly than anything else I could say.


Mr. Brisc Rubal,

I am reminded of Concord’s comments regarding you,

"an immediate threat to the integrity of the CSM as an institution,’’.


‘‘Brisc Rubal has been found to be sharing confidential information with a member of his alliance that was later used by another alliance [The Initiative] member to conduct illicit in-game transactions.’’,
amongst other derogatory statements made by Concord & those agents known to act for them.

However I noted that Concord later retracted these statements after yourself describing them as libellous not only against the name Brisc Rubal but by other pseudonym I will not mention. After such libellous comments & exhoneration you would expect others to be somewhat prosecuted. Not withstanding that known agents/acquaintances/corp mates of yours remain banned to date.

Concord however does not reveal or publish in game moderation banning some players without evidence & gifting others without merit. Except when it so chooses to such as in your previous ban. My proposed tenure aims at addressing Concord’s shoddy moderation as a priority above all other development making it fair transparent & effective.

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Spare me the RP nonsense.

I don’t get it. You give 100% weight to the claims made in the original dev blog, but you ignore the ones made in the follow up that specifically said:

"we have completed our review of the Brisc Rubal investigation and determined that our initial findings were incorrect. Neither Brisc Rubal nor the other players implicated in this incident breached CCP’s confidentiality, the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, or used privileged information to obtain an in-game advantage.

We made a mistake here and we offer our formal apologies. First, to Brisc Rubal and the two other players involved, both for making the allegations and for the disturbance and stress caused by the way in which we handled this situation. Second, for not collaborating with due care with the members of CSM 13, who have acted responsibly throughout. Lastly, we owe our sincere apology to the EVE community for this error. We take full responsibility for any confusion and mistrust caused by our initial assessment of the situation."

And, for the record, as I have repeatedly said, I have never threatened legal action against the company. It was a mistake, not intentional, so there is no reason for anybody else to have been disciplined for it. Even if they were, I have no way of knowing if that ever happened, nor do I care. Nor should you.

I do not understand why, a year later - a year in which I’ve played the game, spent time with and among dozens of CCP employees at Vegas and London, had multiple senior level CCPers on the Meta Show, and the like - there are still people like you out there pushing this conspiracy theory nonsense.

They made a mistake. They fixed the mistake. They apologized for the mistake. This is the entirety of what happened. I don’t know how to make it any easier to understand.

Do us all a favor, and focus your attention on your own campaign, and leave me to do the same.


Look, I’m not a fan of how null sec has gamed the system and then used what little power they gained (as well as a ton of early information) from the CSM to help strengthen their ingame abilities. I hate that they usually completely ignore anything or anyone outside of their sphere of ingame influence. But what I REALLY hate, is that the CSM goes almost completely radio silent and adamantly refuses to engage in these forums to discuss in the open concerns of the community.

I don’t want “experts” telling CCP about their game and what they should do; the recent CSM meeting had at least one presentation made by a CSM member that made game claims based on self reporting, yet ran completely counter to the few stats that CCP have released. They promoted an idea counter to what CCP’s own data was telling them and what they have officially told the community. No wonder EVE devs keep zigzagging their way to confusion.

You have remained silent for 6 months, all the way from last year in October when you had a flurry of forum activity. Then you went silent; dead silent. Guess we are not worth the time or effort? Too busy being the expert?

I disagree with Brisc a lot. I have candidates I rank higher that better represent my playstyle, area, and in game interest. Those other candidates will be ranked higher than Brisc in my ballot. That being said, at least he engaged with everyone and discussed out in the open those issues that other less represented parts of the EVE community wanted discussed. You appear to think that ability is not important or needed; that “experts” alone can help shape EVE development in the correct direction. That no one needs to represent the players, because no “quality feedback” is missed or ignored because it is funneled by the CSM “experts”. The problem arises when the “expert” decides that any feedback that fails his “quality” test is left ignored and not discussed.
A decade to get WD changes that mattered, all the while as certain “experts” said it was really having no effect on player retention.

…and, for God’s sake, up your official forum postings such that you actually engage with the community and not just with your like minded fellows. Make some effort to reach out on the official channel for EVE communications. The community , as a whole, occasionally have some ideas worth some open discussion…unless you somehow feel that no quality feedback is possible from the unwashed masses.


Brisc, there were allegations against you, a few days passed, then a retraction was issued that seemed to be written by a lawyer. Then you quit the CSM.

Do you need somebody to explain to you why this sequence of events looks extremely suspicious?

There were allegations made. A subsequent investigation was made after the allegations. The subsequent investigation exonerated me of all charges, reinstated my accounts and the other two players banned, and they issued a formal apology, among other things.

After two weeks of having my name dragged through the mud, international news articles written, a mess of nasty comments, my phone ringing off the hook from reporters from the Washington Post and Fox News wanting comment, and my wife losing business clients because of it, I decided I didn’t want to stick around on the CSM for the month that was left on the rest of my term, and I wasn’t going to run again.

Is that so hard to understand? Would ANYBODY have stayed on the CSM after what happened to me? Hell, I was so pissed at that point I didn’t even want to play the game anymore. If I hadn’t been welcomed back as profusely as I was, I probably wouldn’t be here.

I appreciate the idea that people think I am so powerful that I can bully a multi-million dollar foreign corporation into doing my bidding, but the reality is that these are just regular people who made a fun game and they’re trying to do the best they can. They make mistakes and unlike many others, they own up to them. I give them a ton of credit for that. The people who try to act like I got away with cheating in the game by bullying the company are doing a disservice to CCP by making that argument. It’s not true and it’s insulting to them, and to me.


Innocent like Mother Theresa, I’m sure.

So in your world, every one accused of a crime is guilty, because no one ever makes a mistake?

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I my world, lawyers and politicians doing lawyer/politician stuff is automatically suspicious.

Hopefully someday you outgrow this bigotry and you learn to judge people as people, not job titles.


This mega-corporation that you think is so powerful . . . it took all the King’s horses and all the King’s men two weeks to clear up a simple misunderstanding? It would be a ludicrous story, except for the enthusiasm which you and your boosters are using to promote it.

You are calling me a bigot for not trusting politicians? Are you for real?

Yes, it took them two weeks to talk to all of us, go back and look at things, decide what to do and work out all the details. This was also over Easter (which was April 21), so there were holidays involved too. That it was resolved in two weeks is a miracle - this could have easily taken months, if not years, to resolve. CCP deserves credit for fixing it as quickly as they did. I doubt it could have gone any faster.

Yes. This was the first time in my life I’d ever been accused of being dishonest. In fact, I’ve made my reputation by being the guy who is fair and honest - even guys who literally hate me have defended my integrity. I’ve had political opponents praise me for it, and even had the Washington Post compliment me for running a “civil, thoughtful race”, which is something you never see for someone of my political party. I’ve given no one any reason to doubt what I’m saying is true, but you immediately question my integrity because of what I do for a living.

Yeah, that’s bigotry. I hope you outgrow it.

In any event, I’m done talking about this stuff at this point. If folks aren’t going to support me because of this, so be it.




Ah yes…

“Interesting” revi…interpretation of RL history, there, Brewlar.


A lot of people find any kind of forum not a top notch social media medium to engage with each other. That’s why we have things like CSM discord, or in my case, my own discord. I not only read so much feedback from it but even do live chats often. Perhaps we need to be more transparent on how you can get in touch with us. In my case, I’m one of those rare people who actually answers their Evemails. You could have asked me how you can find me.

You can’t look at a CSM member’s activity in only the forums and then decide he’s not engaging with the community. You should check out my Discord server’s history to see how much discussion was had. You just didn’t know how to get in touch with me, despite that I announced my discord to the public several times.

And this link for the CSM discord.

Your feelings are your feelings. It’s still makes for a better game.

This is completely false about any of the 6 presentations.

There is a reason CCP pays for 10 people to go to the summit, and makes hours of room for these presentations. It’s because they are extremely helpful. They already decided it’s well worth the money by giving it more and more slots, so your feelings are ungrounded.

After Blackout (which was too early for CSM 14 to have any input on it’s development), this year has been one of the best years for Eve development wrt stuff that already happened and also that’s in the works.

You appear to think that ability is not important or needed; that “experts” alone can help shape EVE development in the correct direction

False. I by no means claim CCP take feedback only from the “expert CSMs”. If anything I always encourage when CCP casts a wider net to collect feedback from.

I’m saying whenever you offer good feedback anywhere, it’s not gonna be missed by CCP whether Brisc is CSM or not. It’s not so hard to follow a bunch of places and trickle feedback up. Any 10-member team among the top 25 candidates will be able to do it. The ability that he advertises with to run for CSM does not distinguish him.

This is true for anyone. I won’t be able to convince Brisc to relay something important for me but not important for him to CCP.

Olmeca, you wrote 844 words; that’s 4,935 characters in that post.

You know, if you’re running for CSM re-election you’re supposed to put up your own forum post, right?


Yes, I do.

(I was one of the rare candidates who put the so much effort in their forum post last year. 3,258 words 18,949 characters.)