Brisc Rubal for CSM - the last thing EVE needs...a real politician on the CSM

Right there is where you got my vote.

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Would you support the foundation of a Kommissariat to reign in unruly miners all over the galay, and remove the ability for a rorq to survive a doomsday while in in P.A.N.I.C. mode?


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Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

you’re just saying that to not be kommissared, you will still have my vote <3

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Please don’t hurt me, Kenny!

If you could change one thing about your day to day experience in EvE Online, what would it be?

Bonus point for answering in the style of a limerick.

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You have my vote, Brisc!

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There once was an old man named Brisc
Who hated when folks took no risks
All day they sat tethered
No fights had they weathered
How did they ever make isk?

If I could change one thing about my day to day experience - I’d love for the game to be a little more risky in certain areas - both to bring back that old adrenaline feeling when you’ve got something valuable on the line, as well as to get back that old predatory feeling when you’re out hunting.


Because Brisc is serious to this cause, a website has been created!


Folks who wanted more meat, here’s more meat.

bacon included? :smiley:

All you can eat.

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Citadel damage caps most definitely create fights and is not too bad on the 20 minute mark. But I do like all the other propositions on their vulnerability and low power states.

Nothing wrong with nullified interceptors except for when they were able to sport an entosis link; even then this module never had any business being on any small rig sized hull.

Having the ability to scout null sec quickly is a big deal and creates content.

Citadel damage caps definitely create fights - but not on low powered structures. Those structures are essentially space junk. Otherwise, they’d be at least nominally fueled and defended. Helping get them clear faster is a benefit, in my opinion.

I’m not suggesting we get rid of nullified interceptors. But they should be for things like travel and scouting - no guns. It’s time to retire Fozzie Claw fleets, and interceptor gangs that are uncatchable except with a lucky pipe bomb. It’s almost risk-free, and that’s the real issue.

I find your interceptor stance disconcerting and wish you would rescind such a terrible idea that it is. Removing guns will do nothing for the part of them being able to traverse null sec. Their power is in their points. That is, before we’re stuck using ******* pleasure yatchs to scout null sec.

You can scout without tackle. You can scout without guns.

It’s an idea. If folks don’t like it, then it’s unlikely to happen.

If you remove nullification from interceptors, you don’t make Eve more dangerous, you turn null into a carebear land of Rorq mining and carefree ratting when two pairs of two ships can effectively close down a majority of the constellations. That’s one person with a few alts negating the effectiveness of 99% of the ships in the game to heavily influence activity in null sec.

No other ship can cover so much ground with this kind of change.
*Inty’s have the align time to avoid instant locking
*bubble immunity
*speed & tackle bonuses

And I never underestimate the ability of the silver tongued to sell an idea.

*dramatic enterance of black ops

Also I’m pretty sure in the cam minutes they discussed nullification as a huge problem. Which it is considering it’s near impossible to catch nullified cepters and in mass are ridiculously lethal.

But black ops are generally speaking very effective instead of cepters

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You gonna hunt VNI’s in a blops? How fast do you think you can cover ground in a t3c?

I think your argument against ceptors is misguided. The question isn’t what is as effective as an interceptor (which is nothing, really), but what is effective AGAINST an interceptor.

You act like they are invincible. They are not.

smartbombs… rail tengus assuming they stay ongrid… which is wishful thinking

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