Brohemia - WH PVP,PVE

The Brohemian gaming community has returned to eve. We are looking for PVP focused pilots to help get operations restarted. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience spread over collective decades spent in eve. And are currently living out of a C2 with C5 static. This allows Brohemians a good avenue for making ISK. Brohemia is proud to be working with our allies in MARAKUGA with their help we are already running fleets and participating in theirs. Brohemia has an enemy, demons enabled. Though we are not at war with this alliance we engage in open hostilities with them and take any opportunities to strike out at them, Brohemia has been a community of friends for years and if any of what you have read here today appeals to you then please strike up a convo with me or any other Brohemian!

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