Broken Rule

Placing this here.

I have unintentionally and unknowingly at the time broken a collusion rule with banter in local. I made a statement about a ship to another a team that could be interpreted as shared theorycrafting. Which is a violation of tournament rules. As such, and in order to avoid another Hydra fiasco, I have removed myself from my alliance tournament team. I do apologize to everyone involved. Even though it was not done intentionally I do realize my mistake and take ownership of it. Good luck this year everyone.


I would truely like to thank Hydra for contacting me about the private channel logs they have obtained. Otherwise this could have been disastrous if we did not know about the violation until after the tournament. As such we will also look into whom you have contacted for the private channel logs.

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Considering everyone with access to the full chat logs like CCP will pretty easily be able to see that the sentence was made as banter rather than any kind of theorycrafting attempt, I don’t think as drastic of a measure as a public post about this was all that necessary. Let’s have the admins go through it and we’ll go with whatever their call is, Mon Ami.

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If its just banter, why is he leaving the team?

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As implied in my post, he’s being protective of the work that the rest of our team is putting in to an extreme extent, and doesn’t want to risk any repercussions on even a small off-chance that a log like that would jeopardize our AT results

Nex should resign too for breaking my heart when he left PL

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I’m sorry to hear that, it has been pleasure to see you in the AT’s over the years. It does sound a bit extreme but on the other hand I do understand.

why would you make this thread it’s impossible to get banned for collusion if no one from ur team cries about how u collude.


shouldnt have broken them :blush:

the key to not colluding is not practicing with anyone for more than 15 total minutes an AT and making sure all ur pilots have been blindfolded and spun around before they arrive in the arena

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One statement about a ship doesn’t sound like theorycrafting.

Would you mind sharing what you said in local?

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Blink twice if Hydra is blackmailing you


:wink: :wink:

Spotted the guy who would happily break rules and cheat, as long as he believes he would get away with it.

Spotted the guy who says he spotted the guy who would happily break rules and cheat, as long as he believes he would get away with it, so everybody knows that he’s not the guy who would happily break rules and cheat, as long as he believes he would get away with it.

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I always petition myself post act. : p I love finding bugs and exploits, but rules are rules.

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Someone post this on reddit for drama pls lol

Sad to see you go for this year, it is a loss for the competitiveness of this year’s rule set.

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Well deserved.

Hey folks. A request has been made for us to investigate the comment in question, and we’ve taken a look back at the logs.

It is our judgement that the comment in question made by DHB Wildcat on the evening of June 16th is not in and of itself a violation of the alliance tournament rules. While we encourage teams that practice against each other to keep their comments about setups as limited as possible to stay away from the line between appropriate banter and inappropriate patterns of collusion and to make our investigations easier, the rule against “shared theorycrafting” is not intended to criminalize all potential comments during practices. We of course don’t have access to all potential methods of communication between players so we can’t make a blanket guarantee that the relationship between two teams is appropriate but nothing in the SISI chat logs from this time period raises significant concern from our perspective.

The fact that we’re trying to both allow teams to practice together and disallow the kinds of tournament-damaging collusion seen in AT XIII means that the line between appropriate and inappropriate interactions is necessarily a bit fuzzy. We encourage players to stay as far away from “the edge” as they can, but at the end of the day we’ll just have to use our best judgement and do our best to protect the competition while avoiding too much inconvenience for competitors and teams.

As long as there are no other issues that would cause him to need to recuse himself, we would be fine with DHB WildCat continuing to participate in the tournament.

As always, if anyone has any specific allegations or concerns to raise regarding potential rule violations please contact the “IGC Alliance Tournament” character and they will be investigated. Thank you.


Good call, it’s a game after all, not serious business.