Rule violation SISI

Hello, we were testing some stuff in X-M2LR on gate FD-MLG, with bowhead and ships in space.
This guy (Papi Shmoop) comes and kill me and testing ships.

General rules:
Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat systems (6-CZ49 and PVH8-0, only on Singularity).


Better off filing a ticket than posting here.

You’re right though, he must suck pretty bad to be hunting on SiSi instead of over here with the rest of us where it counts.


I expect that Mr. Shmoop is going to receive a call from Imperium IA, since this gives them a bit of a black eye.

Just curious: what is the purpose of ganking people on SiSi?

That is easy to answer, they show you “how big” their titan is and brag about the “size” of their titans. Then they call you bad at EVE because you don’t have a titan yourself.

Really? :open_mouth:
Titans in current game are like cars in RL: everyone can have one if he wants.

Yes and we all know how many titans are flying in Black Rise all day in Tama AMIRITE?

So if everyone is flying the “big ship”, how does CCP determine if the upcoming changes to the Arbitrator and Omen are good to go or not? You are right, they don’t.

And how almost surprising, an Omen cannot “tank” your capital shortcomings.

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