Brutal RNG for The Caldari Migrants mission chain

I’ve spent the last 2 days warping to asteroid belts killing gurista rats and checking their wrecks for a mission item that I cannot find.

I even dusted off an old cormorant to hop between belts faster and get to the wrecks faster.

Then today I saw a bunch of gurista ventures I’d never seen before and they all warped off then 7 gurista frigates warped in and completely smashed my cormorant. I thought maybe this was finally what I was looking for so I got in my Gila I was originally using for cosmos missions and start warping to belts again hoping to find the ventures again…

I found them, and proceeded to almost have a heart attack when I realized just how insanely powerful these gurista production frigates are. I did manage to kill them all but my god it was stressful for a while. Once I got the condor scramming me down and realized the bantam was giving them massive shield boosts it was chill but initially it was very intense. None of them dropped any loot and they were all worth 170k bounty.

Still no item for my mission and I’m getting really bummed out here I’ve never seen a mission with this much nasty RNG before and I don’t want to fork out 120 million isk for the item on a contract because I know the next mission has me getting another one of these stupid items.

Has anyone done this mission chain before that can give me advice please?

THese are not mission rats. They are diamond rats likely fromr a FOB. Do NOT shoot them

The Eve U page mentions that there seems to be some sort of bug or glitch that’s made finding the mission item. The warning is actually on the page twice. Once at the top and once further down, though it does not cite a primary source for this information, so take from it what you will. Either a bug actually exists or the drop rate is annoyingly low and someone has added this warning out of frustration.


For eveuni, these people can’t do grammar for crap.

True, but because everyone’s primary language is not English, and because I would not want the inability to speak perfect English to be grounds not to offer advice or warning, I give the benefit of the doubt.

I didn’t even notice any diamonds in front of their names but they were hitting my gila with 70% resist for 222 damage each so like 1100+ damage per volley at 40km.

I also lost another destroyer last night because I warped to a belt and there were 4 kestrels there. Didn’t notice any diamonds in front of their names again, and they completely smashed my ship again.

So not only does the mission item not even drop, but you can randomly warp in on super rats in this hi sec constellation… Like there weren’t any ventures and they didn’t say Guristas Production they were just Gurista Invader kestrels but they were clearly just like the other mining faction frigates cause they blew up that algos in like 3 seconds.

Where is this at?

I do know that in upcoming missions revamp the rats are going to be replaced with the diamond rat variety to make missions more exciting and challenging.

I’m doing COSMOS Caldari missions in the Okkelen constellation. They were introduced into the game a long time ago like 12-14 years ago or something and apparently the mission i’m on is bugged. These are special missions though so if I don’t complete this mission I’ll never be able to do it again. It’s just once per account and if you fail its gone.

Also replacing rats with diamond rats sounds awful. I almost lost my active tank cap stable gila and that gila is massive overkill for where I was (hi sec near jita) and what I was doing (old content killing hi sec rats).

Just bring a friend i guess to help.

I do know majority of players voted for the sleeper/diamond AI rats to be put into the regular missions for more challenge and fun so that is an upcoming revamp. making missions better is a good thing.

I don’t mind them getting better AI, but the diamond rats aren’t even related to my bugged COSMOS mission. Improved AI could be a good thing for the game I guess though.

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