Brutix/Myrmidon: Dual Rep or Rep + Hardeners

I’m running L3s and some sites. Both of these ships have rep bonuses + I have the skills to be stable with rigs, but I’m wondering if the hardeners are going to make the single repper more effective than two reppers would be (and also frees up 1-2 rig slots).

Okay, I like to plug my fits into pyfa, and then play with tanking mods until I get the best EHP/s rep for either the expected damage profile, or the uniform damage profile if the damage type is unknown or might vary.

You’re typically going to want to pair some resist mods with a rep, because they will increase their effective repping power. For example, if you have 0% reps and rep 100 HP per second, you’ll rep 100 EHP/s. If, however, you have 50% resists, it would take 2 points of damage to take off one point of HP. Thus, your repper would effectively be repping 200 EHP/s. Does that make sense?

Anyway, dual reps setups can get you some insane tanks, but they can also be hard on your cap and require more micromanagment. Thus, you’re probably better off with a single a rep setup, especially for level 3’s. I don’t know exactly how much tank you’ll need, but it shouldn’t be a lot.

Anyway, a tank like this should work.

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That number is good enough if you also have enough dps to kill rats fast or even exceeding if you have good range to snipe rats with an MJD. If you don’t feel confident enough, replace the DCU and MEM with armor hardeners against specific damage types dealt by the rats. You seem not having hull upgrade V so you cannot use T2 ones, but faction ones are only a few million more expensive, and the Shadow Serpentis ones use far less CPU while Domination ones use far less cap.
I recently used a Tengu with 170 ehp/s against uniform damage to do lv3s, and my shield never dropped below 90% if I was killing rats in that mission.

I used to use a dual rep, dual specific hardener, AB/AC myrm to run 4’s years and years ago. Had a tengu, too, but sometimes I’d start falling asleep because the Tengu was just too simple. The Myrm I usually only had to run 1 rep and the AB because yeah, an ab’ing myrm negated enough damage to not need both.

Then Maruaders were rebalanced and Vargur.

I can’t imagine you’re going to have very many L3’s where you’re really going to need to brute force run 2 reps for very long if ever. Try throwing an AB on there and stick with the single rep.

To your question:
You could repair more EHP/s with 1 rep and hardeners, than you would repair with 2 reps. But if you use 2 reps and hardeners, then it shall be superior over the 1 rep.

Hence, you may repair less or even more with 1 rep. It depends how you build the fit.

It’s just theoretical contemplation though. In practical terms, normally built dual rep setup will beat comparably built 1 rep setup in terms of EHP/s.

You don’t need dual rep on Myrmidon for L3’s. Just 1 T2 rep and 1 mission specific hardener is enough. No other tank is needed. But that would be another discussion.


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