:fastparrot: BSIT 0.0 Alliance NOW Recruiting PvP @ Indy :fastparrot:

(Derris Su'Fak) #1

JOIN today

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Send me a mail if you want to get in on this exciting new Alliance!!!

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We are still out here putting our Piece down . come check us out .

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still out here putting our piece down . If your interested in having fun then this is the spot . give us a few moments on comms and i am sure you wont regret it.

(Derris Su'Fak) #5

New moon changes out ! join up an see whats going on.

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Working that groove . come down an check us out.

(Derris Su'Fak) #7

Active an exciting!

(Derris Su'Fak) #8

putting in work to be the best we can.

(Derris Su'Fak) #9

come on out an get into some good mining , ratting , and good ole PVP!

(Derris Su'Fak) #10

Fun group of guys an girls . Never a dull moment !

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Still around putting our piece down!!!

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Visit us in our in game public channel.“BlueSunIT”

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Always exciting out in null come see whats new.

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always putting our piece down . join us in our Public discord and see how you can get in on the fun!!!

(Derris Su'Fak) #15

things going real well check us out in our PUB channel in discord or in game.

(Chaos Blackhawk) #16

I was a member of BS IT from it’s formation until about a month ago and was also a member of the alliance which BS IT was formed from (TMA) after we were kicked from Branch.

What the advert doesn’t say, is:
a.) The leadership is more of a tribunal of dictators.
b.) They want PvP pilots and corporations for three reasons.
Reason 1. To protect the care bears
Reason 2. F1 Monkey for Shadow of Death fleets
Reason 3. They want PvPers to carry the weight of the rest of the alliance on CTAs. BS IT
is over 400 strong but, on average, only has 8-15 pilots show for CTA fleets.
c.) The leader of BS IT dictated to the alliance that there shall be NO PvP outside of Home Defense and CTAs.
d.) BS IT currently holds no SOV. They were forced from their home when DCU imploded and are now living with Shadow of Death in Insmother, who is currently very near to be being evicted by TRI.
e.) They are currently looking for PvP pilots and corporations, because they can not keep PvP pilots/corps due to their restrictive policies on PvP.

Think carefully before joining this alliance.

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