Buck up fuc* up - DON't BE A PAWN BE A RIVAL - GARDEN Coalition

  1. We are GARDEN Annoyances: Composed of Centipede Caliphate and Wormageddon

2.We are Warriors: NOT A fukci% PARTICIPANT in EvE

  1. Be a WARHORSE who can say: “I WAS THERE WHEN THE EVE universes GOT GUT…”

4.PUT IN WORK… FUK* the “I’m Indy guy…” AKA care-bare AKA CRAB" - F-dat: You are setting limitations on you’re potential - limiting in possibility or capable of development into actuality potential

  1. WE WANT PROPONENTS FOR Combat! Fight for something! FYCX++ the blue NUT!

Do not settle for the norm - PLAY THE GAME - INVEST IN A WIN


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