Small yet, experienced. fighters who want a steak!


My name is Wil and I have been playing this game for the close duration of (on and off) of about 10 years.

Whoa, that’s some good time put in, but still not as much as one might think. Just note, the game came out in 2003. I missed about 7 years of the game!

Anyhow, I wanted to write up a small blurb about how I would like to take my corporation I have and rent some null-sec space, but help reduce my costs so that out of pocket is not a thing, and I can worry about financially stabilizing my wallet, as well as being able to worry about how to grow my corporation so that we can eventually OWN our own plot of land.

Let’s face it, I’ve spent 90% of my career in EVE in NS. I have been involved in countless wars and combat situations. I am not a complete noob, as I do get some kills, but just not ORIENTED to PVP 100% all the time. It costs lots of money, well for me at least.

I would be looking to buy and rent, and then just buy-out the system when and if possible, while also staying loyal to my land lords.


Will B.

Wil contact me in-game and lets talk I have some really great space for rent. We can help you achieve what your final goal is also. send me a mail and we will get you on discord and sort out your needs.

Femme Fattale

Chat with SLYCE if you’re looking to do that

Hey Will,

Might have something that we can work out if you want. Find me on discord rangerwolfy#4987

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