Fed up with 'CODE' and 'GOONS' ganking you?

Join the HIGH SEC FREEDOM MOVEMENT , join CONCORED INTERSTELLAR AFFAIRS CORPORATION against these high sec terrorists. All high sec players, corporations, alliances who want to join the movement are welcome. Join our in game channel ‘‘HIGH SEC FREEDOM MOVEMENT’’ all info in the MOTD. Send me an in game mail for the password .


/me grabs popcorn

Good luck on your efforts to make some content in highsec! Perhaps if you join up with the existing rebels, you might have more success pooling your efforts?

I do have a question though. Is that a typo in your corp name, or are you really called “CONCORED”? If so, what does that mean?

According to the Eve Wiki, CONCORD means “Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command”, which I think we will all agree is a pretty lame acronym so I think it is perfectly fine if you have refactored that name to not include the ‘D’. But, if it has some other meaning, I would be interested to know.

Ok CONCORED in my corp name represents police name…like the CONCORD responds to any aggression , same with us…we will attack all suspects,criminals and -5 down sec status that can be attacked in high sec,and Interstellar affairs represents law and order within high sec systems

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Hilarious. : - )

Why is that?

Because you legitimize them and make them look far bigger than they are.

Make no mistake, though. I kind of like it. You will attract plenty of nutjobs and White Knights with this, who will want to be leader without being able to lead, but i sincerely hope this time actually something noteworthy comes out of it. It is not the first attempt of its kind, as you probably know. I have to tell DJ Entropy about this.

All i can say to you is that i am not giving up till i see CCP give us a tool to use against CODE and GOONS in high sec…they do get tackled by fac. pol. but they still warp freely from system to system because of the delayed response by the fac. pol. they are not being challenged at all. They are not getting pissed off at all…only laughs when they gank…their smerk should be wiped out by somebody, and that somebody i hope it will be me

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On a side note i am smiling reading my own writing…but seriously now…i’m betting on a new challenge coming to town

Reading that post, combined with the other thread and you admitting that it makes you smile, tells me that you really take this way too seriously. This is not real, you know?

You are going to regret this eventually. Good Luck anyhow.

Thank you…I will not regret this because it has become my mission…i am going to go all the way on this one


Good luck with your project

Hopefully you get better than ag :slight_smile:

And don’t let yourself get influenced by them either. Do your thing and have fun doing it :wink:


Be the change you want to see.

While I think your goal is silly and pointless, I respect that you’re going to try. Content generation by players is the best kind of content.

Who knows. Maybe you’ll end up as the anti-code, ganking the gankers before they gank what they were going to gank. Then they’ll gank the anti-gankers with anti-ganker-gankers.


You have all the tools you need friend, with the mechanics heavily stacked in your favor. Maybe you’ll go out there and actually stop ganks (I doub’t it). Most likely you’ll just sit here and complain till CCP makes ganking impossible or you get some magical button that lets 1 pilot stop 30 pilots from killing that freighter.

Keep making those CODE. thread boys, we love the tears :rofl:

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Thank you I will

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Thank you I will

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Will join with an alt


Il join if you give me Director with access to all the corp hangers


Have you tried using the Rooks and Kings tactic of Pipe Bombing CODE yet?

First CODE or Goons will use Neutral alts to gain CONCORD aggro from those Pipe Bombing near their targets. But by using alts to swat away their alts near the target using smart bombs the actual Pipe Bomb Blossom orbiting the bumped target is more likely to fizz the gank fleet if and when it does arrive.

Declaring war on the Bump Ship corporation could also keep CODE from using those pricey Mach’s to bump with.

Then again mass PIpe Bombing the Mach Bump ship and then looting it will bring tears to the system of CODE and eventually cause it to short circuit.

It’s 24 hours before aggression can start, and NPC corps can’t be wardecced at all.

How are you going to actually do anything useful with this approach?

Oh the fail. You can’t pipebomb the mach.

Pipebombing relies on knowing exactly where the target will land out of warp.

Bump machs are constantly moving. You won’t be successful with smart bombs.

Just gank the mach normally. It will be cheaper and more reliable.