High Sec Freighter

I was thinking of buying a Charon to haul stuff but looking at zkillboards there have been a lot of Charon kills with in a few jumps of Jita. How do you go about avoiding these ganks? Also how do they have the dps to kill a Charon before getting concorded?

don’t fly it during wardec, keep your cargo value down, use 3x bulkheads as the fitting.

If you look at most of the ganks, they are align or cargo fitted with reasonably valuable cargo.


Have an alt with 2 webs to web you from gate to gate(dosn’t work on undock) asso have instadock/instaundock. Webbing Will make you align faster so you will have to duel your alt or be in a corp with FF.

How the gank happens is in the lower sec systems concord response time is lower than 1.0 in a 0.5 system i think it’s about 20 sec, give or taket before concord shows up.

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What the kill boards don’t show are the hundreds or even thousands of freighters that travel into and out of Jita each day with no problem. Keep your cargo value low and your ship tanked and you will have no problem other than perhaps a bumper trying to extort a ransom from you or trick you into a duel. A friend or alt in a webbing ship can dramatically speed you into warp and reduce even that small chance.

The ships that do get exploded overwhelmingly carried more value in cargo than the value of the sucide gank ships used to explode them, usually much more. All of that information is in the killmails you are looking at and you can do the math yourself. They happen because the victim made themselves a profitable target.

As for the DPS, the data is all there as well and it is just a simple math problem. You have 6 to 25 seconds or so as a criminal to shoot a target before CONCORD arrives and jams and explodes you depending on the security status of the system. The gankers figure out how many high DPS ships they will need to sacrifice to inflict more damage than the predicted EHP of the target and kill their target before CONCORD gets them. If the potential loot is worth it and they can bump-tackle the freighter, they then go for it.

There is much written about what you can do to keep your freighter safe, and it is possible to operate with near perfect safety with some precautions. But regardless, you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time so never just load three months of work and autopilot your freighter to a trade hub while you go make dinner. Be aware, never overload, scout the route and most importantly never move so much cargo that you can’t afford to lose it and will ragequit if your ship explodes.

This is Eve and ships can explode when you least expect it or want it, even in highsec.


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I remember when the code was starting up, some red headed avatar pilot offered me 10m to then pay her said 10m for a permit. You guys are a joke.


People above have been giving the OP good advice, you know. All you’re doing is derailing a good thread, miner.



Im no expert but:

-Create safe un/dock bookmarks
-Fly webbing alt alongside
-Stay in NPC corp
-Fit like a brick. Speed wont save you.
-Dont draw attention to yourself
-Dont overstuff
-Pay some attention to Dotlan/Local
-Never autopilot in high traffic systems
-Consider arranging transport contracts to bring the goods to and from a safe nearby location. Others then take the risk.

If you follow even a few of these, let alone all, your chances of being ganked are near zero, and if you are ganked it will be quite simply bad luck for having been singled out of the huge volume of traffic by very competent/dedicated gankers.

Gankers are like a pack of predators IRL. They operate off a principle of efficiency in energy output/reward. They will target the weakest in the herd. They watch the flow of traffic with a very keen eye to detecting behavior that indicates such vulnerability.

Edit: Oh, and warp to the gate, and then activate the jump. Otherwise there is a small chance using the simplified jump command will leave you vulnerable for a few seconds before the jump is activated.


Best advice of all, Don’t Go To Jita…


From the perspective of the prey, the volume of traffic there is added safety.

Just dont be the weak one in the herd.

Jita is the ultimate watering hole in EVE.
Everyone, both predator and prey, go there to slake their thirsts.


Meh Jita is over rated

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Jita stats back it up.

Or do “Formation Cloud”: Let the route of your Charon end up several systems away from Jita (and Perimeter) and then bring in the cargo piece by piece with smaller ships. Even ranging all the way down to insta-warping interceptors if parts of your cargo have an extreme value-per-volume ratio.

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Wow, the op asked about advise regarding his freighter, and the haters come attempting destroying the thread. Gonna make use of these flags…

7 years… That is how old my charon is. Fly no more than a billion isk in cargo. Fit bulkheads. Try to avoid niarja and the other famous choke point leading to all points South. Do this and you’ll be fine.


This, avoid the gank spots, and limit your cargo. Rule is, bulky but less costly stuff like low end minerals is for Freighters, more expensive stuff goes with Deep Space Transport or Blockade Runner. For my T1/T2 production business I use 50% DTS, about 30% BR and only ~20% the Freighter. Actually if all the ECs I use would offer reprocessing, I wouldn’t need a freighter at all, but transport only compressed ore in DTS.

‘‘try’’ not to travel the jita area at peak times join gank intel and anti gank ch’s ingame - u can pay attention to where gank gangs i.e., code. are opperating

the insta docks info is also good advice as is the webbing technique (if possible for u)

gl o7

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for the record,

o7 code, for playing eve properly


also assuming u have already set code. and their kind at neg10 so they show red

So how does that work. You only have to flag a coment you don’t like and wheter it has useful information or not it will just vanish?