High Sec Freighter

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Look, I’m sorry if the post offended you.

It is just a fact that the majority of Freighter ganks in Highsec are executed by New Order troops. Since we demand they have a mining permit I tried to just inform the guy of this.

Well, at least now I know what to say the next time some carebear claims he got no prior warning.

This right here is some of the best. And also most under-rated and under utilized advise imaginable.

Even 2-3 jumps outside jita can increase your survival chances with valuable cargo exponentially (let’s face it. Sometimes shits just gotta get moved. And sometimes it’s valuable shit)

Set the collateral higher than the value of the goods. Offer a decent reward for it and wait. You might be surprised how many people are willing to haul a couple jumps for 10-15 mil. Even with a multi-bil collateral.

And if they get ganked. So what? You made a profit and lost nothing.


OP I like you. It is good that you have taken the time to investigate what you’re about to do and you’re open to listening to views. This is the point where lots of people fail and set themselves up to lose billions of their wealth.

Yeah it might be best to let a courier corp like red frog handle your freight loads if you want to ensure that you don’t lose anything when it’s being moved.

if you decide to buy the Charon keep your freight load value low you will stay under the gankers radar.

To answer you question the gankers have analysed how long it takes concord to respond, then they have calculated the hitpoints for the best possible freighter fit and rounded up enough pilots in cheap ships to destroy the freighter before concord comes and destroys them. Of course they lose lots of cheap ships but they make sure they scoop whatever the freighter drops which pays for their cheap ships many times over.

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if you need to move freighter level cargo, courier contracts are always an option. outsource all your risk, and can set up something like 100 contracts for the price of a freighter.

keep value reasonable, keep your cargo/ehp value in check, and use a webbing alt are really the things to do.

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If you have alts train up to use nestors, one nestor escort means the gankers need more than one bumping ship to prevent counter bumping, and they need at least double the firepower, two escorts and your basically immortal. nestors included. Plus they can web for you. All the same, don’t carry insane values in a freightor. They are mostly for moving massive volumes of very low value items, like ores or tech 1/meta modules, etc.

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get a friend or one of your alts to web the freighter in warp. What i do sometimes if gankers about on a gate, dock up, jump into an ibis, fire at someone at gate, concord spawns for you. Then you dont have to wait the 10-15 seconds for concord to spawn in 0.5, 0.6 systems. However i’m not sure if this is considered an exploit.

Also a full set of nomad implants will help


Considering this is what the gankers do to pull CONCORD off the gate the answer is almost surely, “No.”

I don’t know if thats an exploit either, but good thinking there buddy. It does sound as if it’s a legal style of play. Perhaps if people start adopting the style then more people will complain and force a good tactic to be classed as an exploit.

If I may supplement this answer…

On the old forums a few years ago, a raging miner rhetorically asked if it would be considered an exploit if he used an alt to attack himself in an Ibis and spawn Concord on grid with him in the asteroid belt. A mod swooped in and clarified with, “Absolutely not. It’s absolutely fair gameplay and you can do that if you feel it’ll help.”

Keep in mind the mechanics that Tekos mentioned, the “Pulling them off gate” part specifically, because Concord won’t stay infinitely long. The same thing that spawns them is the same thing that pulls them away if I understand the mechanics correctly.

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If you’re thinking of manipulating the Concord response, you should read the list of official exploits for what not to do. Currently, it appears that delaying Concord is an exploit, but speeding up Concord is not, although arguably the suicide gank squad could petition you for it.

And it would go precisely nowhere.

To make sure everyone talks about the same thing, here are some facts. There are three different response times for CONCORD:

  1. If CONCORD is not yet spawned in the system, they will spawn on top of you based on system sec status
  2. If CONCORD is already in system but not within 150km, time like 1, but they will warp which costs them another 6s.
  3. If CONCORD is directly on grid within 150km they will respond immediately.

CONCORD responds to criminal timers, so it is possible to spawn them or move them in a system if:

  • You shoot something and you get a criminal timer
  • You undock in a ship while on a criminal timer

Now obviously for the ganker 2 is the most favourable configuration and for the miner it is number 3.

So far I have never seen any response from a gm or any dev which indicated even in the slightest that changing the position or spawning concord so any of the above situations is set is in any way an exploit. It is as far as I know simple game mechanics and intended to work this way and not what is called “delaying CONCORD”.


If it was an exploit, we’d all be banned already. :smiley:


I remember discussions about this and i’ve left with opinion that delaying CONCORD was OK and defensive spawning was exploit. Which i was always find pretty inconsistent.

Fully trusting You here i’m glad it is not what i remember.

In the very first game of Elite (1984) i think one was able to shoot and kill police. Would be cool if we could battle with concord and have a chance of winning.

I think those things only work im single player games, in EVE somone would create a cockie cutter setup to tank CONCORD and kill stuff within a day :wink: