About charon

I have a question about charon, I really like hauling and I want to know if charon is worth buying

If you need all that space, then sure, it’s worth.

Just make sure you fit it properly with tanking modules instead of cargohold expanders, otherwise you’re just asking to be turned into an killmail.

Even if I want to fly only in high sec?

Highsec is really the only place you should be flying a freighter. Anywhere else is asking to be killed.

The only other time I can see a freighter being used in intra-system in nullsec (i.e. hauling refined minerals between a refinery and a production structure) or used with two Titans to catapult good between two systems.

Alright thank you for the answer

The most critical thing to remember: high security doesn’t mean safe. It means transgressor will be punished for their crimes after the act.

The equivalent is think of a nice safe place, say Reykjavik, where you can happily wander feeling safe. There’s nothing to stop someone (a mugger) running up to you, stabbing and killing you.
The Icelandic police (probably very nice people) will arrive quicky, subdue the bitter and put him through the legal system where he will be punished for your murder.

That’s good security in a free society: the miscreants know they will be caught and punished. You’re still dead though. But if the punishment is acceptable to the offender then there is nothing stopping them.

The offender is as free to offend as you are to haul.

So, Charon.
A fine freighter. Fit it for tank and keep your wits about you. There are players in Eve that view their punishment as acceptable for the chance of a rich mugging.

Depending on the volume to haul have a look at a Deep Space Transport. I’ve never needed more. If I do, then I pay someone to take the risk.

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Oh my.

To be blunt, OP, if you do not know the threats to a freighter in hisec and how to at least mitigate risk to a freighter - then you are not ready to fly a freighter.

If you choose to do so anyway…well…good luck.

Stick to T1 haulers for awhile.

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High security is not absolute security.

Go sit in Niarja on a gate for a day or 2 and you will understand this

In fact, a tanked freighter (and a few expanded ones) got ganked just yesterday in Niarja (and I think one today as well).

Keep your eyes peeled, and if you ever think of bringing a freighter outside highsec…good f–king luck.

Here is an example of proof that Freighters are not invincible and that highsec isnt 100% safe

Gank preformed with 30 destroyers on a tanked freighter. If they scooped the loot (200-ish mil) it was even profitable

Because it’s always worth emphasising. Seriously - People that want “100% safe” don’t understand that freedom for all and safety for all are mutually exclusive: and there lies a lot of political/philosophical discussion around the meaning of freedom, security, free will, authoritarianism and so forth. I’d not want that conversation here since it becomes a personal belief thing quite quickly and that just leads to name calling.

Anyway, the Charon killmail that @J_Poll posted (and he speaks a lot of good sense in these forums - we may differ in detail, but that’s opinions for you) has one important lesson in it: The cargo being carried had a listed value of 1.3bn ISK. The generally accepted safe limit for a Freighter is 1bn in cargo.
There is a probability for each item to drop and this gives the ganker (mugger) the chance to recover their losses. The calculation is “does the likely cargo drop/loot cover the cost of the ships I will loose killing this whale?” and in general for a tanked freighter that simplifies as “is it carrying more than 1bn ISK?”. You will find that at most of the trade hubs that any freighter leaving will be scanned and the cargo valued. That information will be passed on to the pirate gang they are working for in a nearby system (for example on the Amarr/Jita route: “The Pipe”) who will then know who to target.

The different freighters have differing characteristics, you are not limited to which you fly - and once you can fly one, flying the others is a very short training step. To copy from the Eve University page:

  • Providence (Amarr) - Good all around freighter; second most agile, second most EHP and joint lowest cargo with the Fenrir
  • Charon (Caldari) - Largest cargo capacity, but slowest and least agile
  • Obelisk (Gallente) - Highest EHP of the group. Second highest cargo capacity. Third most agile
  • Fenrir (Minmatar) - Joint lowest cargo capacity and least EHP, but the fastest and most agile

There’s a reason you see a lot of Obelisks (and it’s not for aesthetic reasons).


The Obelisk looks like an ugly bloated potato, but with T2 tank and implants it’s a damn tough potato. Unless you’re moving +5B in cargo, most small to medium sized gank fleets will choose to ignore you for someone easier to pop.

This is a good segway into another bit of advice:

  • Don’t stress out and do everything you can to be “unkillable.” It is good to try, but understand that it is simply not possible.
    See also: Don’t seek “perfection.”

Simply be less desirable than the everyone else around you and prepare for the day when you lose.

Then move on with your day.