Multiple characters

Hi, i am a returning player. I have done hacking/data analysis. I only play solo.

My security status is pretty low. I wanted to easier transport goods to High sec to sell. Any suggestion how?
Build a base in low sec and haul?
Can I use some kind of ship to dock into highsec and then get transported by another character?

Fight npcs to raise security standings or buy tags to turn in

Tha i you for your quick reply. The question was not regarding the Sec status, more how to Haul and keep goods safe. There is a reason I have low status.

A second character on your account that:

  • can fly haulers
  • has positive security status
  • no active wars (NPC corp or non-wardeccable player corp)
  • has positive standings to both EDENCOM and Triglavians

Is a very useful tool. I have a hauling character like that, which can bring items anywhere I need it even if my main character is at war or attacked the wrong player or faction.

As alternative you could use one of the hauling services offered by other players, but I like being able to move my own stuff if necessary.


Single char player here. I mainly operate in lowsec and Pochven, but I shop in Jita and do industry in highsec. I just repair my sec status regularly before it goes below -5, when I would be expelled from docking, with clone soldier tags. Expensive but with a jump clone in Jan it takes less than 2min each time.

Else you are bound to fast ships without cloak (can’t use cloak in highsec when police is after you), like ceptors or the transport fit sunesis.

EDIT: Regarding hauling in lower sec, here sec status doesn’t matter, use insta-warp ships (beware of Nourv->Tama->Suj pipe) and/or blockade runners, this is what I do. As said I shop new ships in Jita and filament to Pochven as the hub for the play session, so I don’t need to haul stuff into deep low staging. I’m too lazy for complex logistics. :wink:

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But do I really need another account? I mean, cant i just create another character on the same account?

I just noticed, when I played a long time ago that when i tried to move stuff to Jita, people decked and killed me in gate camps. Really annoying with valuable hauls, and ships on their way to lowsec

Yeah, people will camp choke points from high to low, and <2s insta-warp and covert cloakes are not safe in Tama and even Suj gate. You need to scout ahead and check if the gate is free, or take a different not that often camped route.

The way out to highsec is usually not a big problem, if you are either tanky to ignore smartbombs or use proper pings.

Pretty sure they said on the same account and didnt recommend a 2nd account


No need for a second account!

Use MCT or pause your main’s training queue until the second character can fly haulers.

My hauler is on my main account, which means it can fly Omega haulers like blockade runners and DSTs with the subscription that I pay for Gerard.

There is no need to log in my hauler and main at the same time, so it fits perfectly well in a second character slot on the same account.


Thanks! Really appreciate it. Is it overkill to have the Hauler do Marketing skills also? I just plan to sell and buy quickly anyway

If you plan on playing the market I guess it could be useful, but personally I skipped the marketing skills.

I usually sell immediately to existing orders anyway, and the marketing skills don’t help for that I think.

If you plan to buy and sell a lot of things and wish to make money on the difference marketing skills are helpful. If you just want to sell whatever you get elsewhere in the universe you can earn just a little more with marketing skills and patience, but I didn’t go that route. At least not yet.

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Standings also make a difference if you do buy/sell orders. I prefer like gerard to sell immediately to avoid extra fees

Soemtimes it’s helpful to setup sell offers to make a tradehub interesting. Offering goods to a reasonable (not cheap!) price is creating activity in places like Hek, Dodixie, or Rens.


If one has the market skills on their hauling alt one can easily double/triple or way more what they could selling to highest regional buy order (unless you are in the main trading hub for your region). There is usually a pretty hefty difference between the lowest sell order and highest buy order, much more so between highest regional buy order. List your items for 25-50% less than lowest sell order and they will sell pretty quickly in many places. It does take some research but it can really spike the isk return for the haul. Great stuff for when you only have a few minutes to log in for.

EDIT: This does require the hauling alt to have perfect standing with station so that does need to be taken into account for optimal returns on this. So that isn’t the easiest hurdle to jump.

If you got the isk to spare, there is a service that takes care of faction and corp standings

The point of a hauling alt is that the character can haul my stuff to the main trading hub to trade.

I’m aware of the big differences in buy/sell prices in lesser-used markets, but the point of a hauling alt is to avoid that. With a hauling alt I’ll move my stuff to the major hubs like Jita, where the sell and buy orders are often close enough that only perfect trading skills could allow you to make more money with a sell order rather than by selling instantly.