Buddy/Big Brother program?

Is there a “big Brother” program running in Eve?

Essentially I’d like to volunteer to help out newer players with in-space content, not just answering questions through help channels.

Is there a discord or forum post I’ve missed that people organise this through?


Just for clarification, i don’t want to join a nullsec alliance/power block’s newbie corp. I’m talking about a way to directly interact with new players in hi-sec who need help.

Newbean Initiative

The Newbean Initiative (NBI) is a group of Horde members who have dedicated time to helping new members learn the ropes and get on their feet. If you see a player with the Newbean Initiative title, or with a yellow name on Discord, they are the best person to ask questions about how to survive in Horde and EVE Online. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find someone who does.

see https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy3YvGOB9HGmIU5AXInbzjnfJh0ptAgTt for video’s of some in-game flight training we do. Learn how to join in ‘JOIN Horde’ in game:

Appreciate the message but I was more aiming it at PVE/HiSec content and not becoming SRP cannon-fodder for a nullsec alliance. I also don’t want to move corp if possible.

Eve uni is a corp aimed at helping newbros
Theres also brave newbies and karmafleet

You could also check out volunteers.eveonline.com

“Big Brother”?
Folks packed together in a container or that Orwell 1984 surveillance program? :wink:

I’d hesitate to give that name to a support program.

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I pulled the name from this :stuck_out_tongue: : Big Brothers Big Sisters of America - Wikipedia

I satisfy my big brother urges on PH, great selection and I don’t even need to leave my corp.

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