Friends and interaction/how should I go about it?

I started playing EVE last week and what I could notice immediately is that the game is really based on playing with others. While it is fun to do stuff myself I also wanna experience playing with others. I heard about corporations but what is the best option for new, inexperienced players like me?

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you are right, interactions with others are very important
several solutions

  1. join eve-uni to get the basics, you could also get new friends there
  2. join a newbie friendly big null alliance (there is a huge war in null sec)
  3. read/post in the recruitment section of this forum: Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums
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Also, just because folks may not be in a corp or group with you, still wouldn’t mean you couldn’t be friends. While i may not fly with Goons, i do have a few friends in that group, and I’m always willing to fly out with new people who need help etc.

While some people are less nice, there are generally a lot of people willing to help.

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