Im new here, can we be friends? Im quite confused and this feels like the first time i played Elite Dangerous where im just alone in this huge place and i cant decide what is a good move and what isnt. stuff like that.


For your first 30 days you are automatically a member of the Rookie Help chat channel in game. That channel has some great people in it who will help you every step of the way as you take your first steps in New Eden.

Say hello there. Get to know the people.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Or just read the questions and the answers. There is so much to learn from the veterans and the ISD volunteers in that channel, and the other Rookies who are taking their first steps too.

Good luck, and welcome to EVE :slight_smile:


Hello, and welcome to EVE!

The game can indeed be a bit overwhelming and comes with a fairly steep learning curve, but there are lots of us here to help. To get started, here is a thread from another new player with some suggestions for how to get rolling in the game and get some of the basics down:

Generally speaking, a good way to figure out how the game works and get an idea for what you want to do is:

  1. Finish the NPE tutorial that launches when you got started
  2. Do the Career Agents to get some experience, ISK, and a couple of ships
  3. Look into the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc to get a bit more money and experience
  4. Consider joining a corp that can support and nurture your newly found knowledge and teach you more

Along the way, ask questions, connect with people as you can, learn as much as you can, and take things one small step at a time. There are lots of resources for new players that can be helpful, such as E-Uni:


And, as @Sindara_T_Soni mentions, use the Rookie Channel and the Forums here to ask questions as they come up.



Hello and welcome to Eve,

The posted replies are 100% correct, follow their advice.

For more info and advice, check out this thread posted by ISD Stall

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Hi Naomi. It is good to have you. My advice is to enjoy a cup of coffee, or an inebriant of your choice, get comfortable, settle in, and follow the 10 career tutorials.

This can take a few days if you take your time and read everything, and assuming you have a life lol. But it’ll be worth it because you’ll have a little direction and information as you complete these basic, helpful missions. Also a bit of ISK in your wallet after it’s all over.

Message me in-game with questions. The help channel is even better




Sure, let’s be friends. And we can play truth or dare… well, “truth” actually, cause that’s what the forums is for, no “dares.” Ask a question (or many) and we’ll answer.

Greetings and welcome to Eve! Hope you are enjoying yourself out there!

The Eve community is a great community to be a part of for sure. As others suggested, in addition to the forums, the Rookie channel that you are in by default is a great place to ask questions while ingame. There’s a lot of helpful members that hang out in there to answer questions, including my fellow ISD members. :slight_smile:

You can also look into joining a Corp if you want to join a group and don’t want to fly alone or solo. There are so many great corps out there too! If your interested in that route, you can join the Recruitment channel ingame, or read various posts from the corp recruitment section of the forums (or even post your own).

Not only the above, but there are a number of resources available for new players as well. From the ingame help menu that shows a number of CCP created videos and tutorials but also there is a plethora of player created guides and tools as well.

Eve definitely has a harder learning curve than other games, but it is worth it once you get going! We all had our own fair share of questions when we started out, so never be afraid to ask those questions that pop up!

Once again, welcome to Eve! :slight_smile:


CCP Guard has always said that the best ship in EvE is the friendship. It’s true.


I will be your friend. Even if no one else will.

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