[BUG / ISSUE] Pan camera zooming (On TQ and Sisi)

Hello and good evening.

I did a search after this thing before i decided to create a topic about it. I couldn’t find any posts about it, so i’ll just create one then.

After the ‘Into the Abyss’ patch did came to the test server, there have been a weird issue with the zooming when you use the scroll wheel on your mouse under Pan camera movement with Tactical Camera. Before the patch i could basicly hold the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen and scroll the mouse wheel and then get the client to zoom in directly forward, even under Pan camera zooming. After that patch, it changed and just scrolls sideways to the left side now.

If you have the camera locked to your ship or other things, then it’s zooming in directly forward on the things. But once you go out of that mode and into Pan camera movement mode, it gets weird.

Now i have to put my mouse pointer down to the right corner on the bottom before i can zoom in a straight line with the mouse wheel.

This issue came from Sisi over to TQ when the patch was released there. So i’m wondering if i’m alone on having this or if others have it?

If others have it, then i finds it strange that no CCP devs caught this issue before it was released to TQ as pretty much everyone is using the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in / out on things.

If no others have it, then i can provide a video that shows how it is. Or i can provide a video of it on demand to.

Either i have to fix something with my client, or CCP have to fix this.

And i’m sorry if this post is in the wrong forum section. So if you forum mods could be kind in that case, then rather move it to the correct place over just locking it.

Greetings from NightmareX.

I tried it and got this:

So no one else has this problem?

I have so many issues with the new camera functions. I gave up trying to sort them.

Sorry :sob:

Here is a video taken on the test server that shows what i’m talking about. Yes, this issue is exactly the same on TQ to.

I also bug reported this. That’s the reason i made the video showing this issue.

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