Mouse scroll keyboard shortcuts with no mouse?

Well I’m an alt of an older player but now I am a brand new player on my new early Christmas gift gaming laptop. Now I can play EVE on the go. Just what we all need right? LOL!

When I undocked I can not see my ship. It’s zoomed way out far. Now with a mouse that has a scroll where I would just scroll up but can’t do that with no mouse. How do I zoom in to my ship? Technically I don’t have to see my ship but I’ve never really flown that way much.

Any help appreciated.


Masuhari Yakimoto

Most touchpads on laptops will have a method of emulating the mouse wheel. Some have a region on the right where moving your finger will act as a mouse wheel. My Dell uses 2 finger scrolling - simply use the touchpad with 2 fingers. There may be other techniques - a Google search for your brand should tell you what works for your machine.

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Do Little,

Ah that’s right! I had totally forgot about the two finger thing in a touchpad. (Mine is a ROG/ASUS). I left it at work but will try that in the morning. Will try to report back here if I can find time so that if others run into this they can solve it quick.

Appreciated bro.


If that doesn’t work, you could try changimg the zoom in/out keys on the settings menu

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