How to use trackpad on laptop to zoom in probe exploration window

Hello there!

I am trying to play Eve on my laptop and hence, by using the laptop’s trackpad.

The axtivity where I have encountered most struggles was exploration - when trying to use probes in the probing window, I am trying to zoom in and out of the map (on a normal pc, this would be done using a mouse’s scroll wheel) by the pinch gesture on the trackpad.

However, the pinch gesture does not zoom in/out in the probe window, but just repositions all the probes that are present. Therefore, if I have probes deployed, I cannot efficiently position them on signatures for scanning.

How can I change this trackpad behaviour?

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Not sure if it works, but have you tried keybinds?

You can set keybinds for zooming in and out (rather than using scroll wheel) in space if I recall correctly, maybe that works for the probe window too?

esc - shortcuts - general - zoom in, zoom out.

Works in system map

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