Aura Stuck

I am a brand new player and was hoping to use Aura to teach me, however, it is stuck on the Mouse Wheel for zooming feature. I can get the magnifier up and use it but I have no mouse wheel on my Notebook computer. I cannot get Aura to go past this even if I open and close her.

You know how you zoom on a phone, by pinching 2 fingers together and then spreading them apart on the screen? Try that on the mouse pad of your laptop.

If that doesn’t work, push both mouse buttons (on the pad), and drag a finger down the pad.

If that doesn’t work, hit ESC to open the game’s control panel, and go to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. In there, look at the Navigation tab, and temporarily assign a key combination for zoom in and zoom out (for example ctrl-shift-], ctrl-shift-[ ), and then use those to zoom in and zoom out during the Aura tutorial.

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Skip the aura and join some newbie friendly team - they will teach you. I hope you used some buddy invite program like this one to get head start with extra free study points. Otherwise it can be a good idea to biomass you current shar and make a new one with given link - it will give you almost a week head start of free study points.

i think you should try to go on with the tutorial
after that fins carrer agents

after that find a newbie friendly corp


Thanks JuuR!

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Thank you erg!

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