Bug issue "socket closed"

Every time I try to log in I get to character click on character to long in and then get error “socket closed” what do I need to do to fix this.

Restart your computer. This is a side-effect of the DDOS earlier today (yesterday).

tried that still happening… they are under attack again? been trying for over 6 hours now… CCP FIX IT!!!

I am having the same issue … I have turned off the computer my modem, reset my DNS. All my drivers are uptodate and I am not downloading anything.

Where do you see that error ‘Socket Closed’ ? All I get is a blank screen.

Having the same problem still. Restarted too, and after I try to load from the character screen i get the socket was closed.

Same problem here, but onlyon my Windows 10 machines. My Mac and my Windows 7 machines both connect with no problem.

I wonder if the ‘scrubber’ works on mac-address rather than IP-address ?

Same here… Cant play the game with Socket Closing on me, OS is windows 10, did lots of things i was told would solve it… clear cache, flush dns, renew ip, etc etc etc… please fix this!

I suspect that some IP addresses (like mine) get blocked automatically (a view supported by the VPN evidence), and that only a Support Ticket will get them unblocked.

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I left eve so many times i can´t remember… but i do remember that each and every time CCP support was one of the reasons, they don´t care about you as long as you keep sending your money. Players are so addicted they defend this policy, it´s freaking sick. I´ve been reading ppl reinstalling client, OS, even buying new routers, STOP! There´s nothing wrong on your side, it´s CCP fault, their side.
Lack of respect for costumers. The only way they will fix this is when they start seeing “Account was Closed” on their faces just like we keep getting “Socket was Closed” rest of msg being … f***ing deal with it.

funny you say that since I was tempted into the 50% off 3 months subscription, can’t use the market or industry tabs, can’t undock, can’t chat, can’t even review my assets outside the station because nothing loads except the socket closed timeout

Oh, boy, now I can’t even launch the game without my tower screaming at me.

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