When I stop a plan to start a new one, the projected amount gets mismatch.

To be precise, I first stop the previous plan, drag the extractors a bit, I see the estimated average will be 10000 per hour(as an example). I press start the plan, then click the very exact same extracting unit, it will show a different amount, say 11000 per hour. It seems random whether the amount is higher or lower, but it’s VERY annoying since it can take a few juggles to get the desired amount and sometimes getting the message telling me to wait for another minute to make adjustment.

Fix this bug Please.

Its not a bug. Those amounts are not 100% accurate by design.

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It is a bug. The problem is the mismatch on display.
From my observation the actual producing quantity is consistent with the second click, after you started the plan.

Now another related bug show up:
When you modify the extracting plan and press start, if you try to modify it again, it gets soft-locked and does not allow you to submit the change. You will have to undo all the unsaved operations and do everything again. It is specifically annoying when you’re doing some “juggling”.

It is not a bug. The Planetology and Advanced Planetology skills will give you better accuracy. After you have started the extraction, it will show the value you actually get, but with better skills you will get closer to seeing that value in advance.

Now, this is a bug. I’ve seen this a couple of times, but it seems inconsistent for me. I can confirm that this has happened to me on occasion though.

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