Bug report issues on Microsoft Edge?

I attempted to open the same bug report twice within the last week. I clicked on the Bug Report tab within the EVE Launcher which took me to the website (i.e. https://community.eveonline.com/support/submit-bug-report). In both cases, I filled in the required information, as well as attached a screenshot, then clicked on the Submit button. The submissions were apparently successful as evidenced by the lack of an error message and the return to the starting page (i.e. a blank report form). However, neither of the submissions shows up on the My Bug Reports page (which is what prompted me, after a couple of days, to submit the second one). I am using Microsoft Edge. Are there any known issues?

Neither of my two most recent submissions shows up in Edge, IE 11, or Chrome, although all other past submissions appear in all three browsers.

Try a different browser.

There’s the hilarious possibility that both reports were submitted correctly, but Edge just refuses to show them to you. Imagine spamming a thousand bug reports because you thought none of them went through successfully.

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