Building an Orca in POS

Do you need an X-Large array or the Standard Array to transfer from shipyard to? It would seem there isn’t any detail in the description… I know Orca is a Capital so X-Large?

Simple question, thanks in advance.

I don’t think you can build in a POS anymore.

All POS functionality has been transferred to Upwell structures. Feature parity was achieved a year ago with the introduction of FLEX structures and the control towers could be removed from the game at any time.

An Orca can be built in any structure with manufacturing service module, as can freighters and jump freighters. Structures in Lowsec can fit a Thukker rig which grants a substantial bonus to material efficiency when building the capital components.

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Well, I built a couple Battleships earlier in the week but wanted to make sure the same structures could build an Orca. It would seem after looking at the space in array etc that what I have is fine.

It sucks because a POS is about 1/10th the cost. In a wormhole where you can’t fit anything larger than a BC right now. We decided the Porpoise just isn’t cutting it…

I figured up that it would cost over 4 bill to get all the parts, the engineering complex (I assume that I have to have the standup capital shipyard?) which has to be the big one to fit the capital shipyard, and then about 300mil or so in fuel just to online it and run it for 9 days… I decided that it would take months of saving just to build an Orca with all these new structures…and cost about 8x the value of it…

Yet I have a POS still sitting around… Going to suck when they remove them… is going to add yet another slap in the face to small corps that aren’t allied. Oh well…

You don’t need a capital shipyard to build an Orca (or freighters/jump freighters). Basic Standup Manufacturing Plant 1 can do the job. You can fit it to any of the structures - if you already have an Astrahus or Athanor. It will consume less fuel in a Raitaru.

I loved my small POS as a place for solo industry - easy to pick up and move, easy to pause a lab and online the reprocessing array for a few minutes when needed. But, as a place to live and share between multiple players, the new structures are a lot better.


Yea, just hauled everything into the Wormhole… 850,000 m3 lol. Took so many trips we collapsed it and had to move to new static location.

Sadly, I did not see this reply before I dropped nearly 700mil on POS and all the stuff in Jita. I had an Athanor… and the plant already. So, I am building it in there and will figure out if it is worth just reprocessing the POS or taking a massive 75% loss on it trying to sell.

I know the Orca is a capital ship… but I guess when it comes to manufacturing it is a large? All the parts are cap parts and I always remembered it being the only Cap next to a freighter you can use in HiSec etc. I also remember Orcas costing about half of what I saw them for… There was a dude in the HiSec where the old opening was who had 30 Orcas mining in there…all names on his ships were the same and his characters were all same name plus 1 number… 30 orcas… 30 accounts… what is even the point in that? ISK sellers I heard got canned hard with the PLEX and store…

unless they changed it, the Orca is not a capital ship, so yes it is a large hull like BS.

Orca uses large rigs and modules so is considered large even though it is assembled from capital components. The rule seems to be, if it can legally fly in highsec, you can build it in the basic manufacturing plant.

I would hang onto the POS gear - CCP will reimburse it somehow when they are removed from the game.

Multibox fleets are quite legal as long as you aren’t using input broadcasting or some other form of automation. Not sure how you manage a 30 ship mining fleet solo (or why you would want to). I would have reported it as a suspected bot.

Yea, I’m going to store it in HiSec somewhere. I spent over 400mil for the POS alone which is far more than I remember ever paying…was in Jita also.

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