Can you still build capitals out of a POS?

Was wondering if capital ships had to be built out of L+ structures now or if it can still be done out of a POS

Go in any large structure now they can be built and constructed

well no, they can’t be done in a large refinery but that wasn’t the question

no. pos structures cannot be used anymore

AFAIK, yes you can still build them in a POS but the POS structures are no longer being built and do not have their bonuses anymore. I believe though, at least for the short term, if you have the structure you can use it.

Well unless you are building enough to make a large rig worth it the current structures don’t have much bonus either

the rest of them still work so i’m not sure what you mean

The “only” function that POS have left is the so called “DeathStar”, all other functions have been transferred to the Upwell Structures: Citadels, Engineering Complexes and Refineries. The POS modules for these actives can no longer be produced or even anchored, as it was stated in the patch notes when each of the structures where released.

Well, POS can still function as Jump Bridges and Perma Cyno. So @Lugh_Crow-Slave if you want to build capitals you’d have to use an Upwell Structure, unless you just happens to still have a functioning POS with all the needed modules anchored and online.

Mr. ISD why you gotta lie like that i just anchored and onlined one and no where in the announcement of those did it say anything about them not being able to online just that the bonuses were removed

@Lugh_Crow-Slave What sort of module did you anchor?

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Q: What will happen to my current POS array?

A: POS Reactor arrays will remain anchored in space but will be offline after the Release. Your Reactor Arrays will not be able to be onlined again. No new arrays will be able to be manufactured and no new arrays can be anchored. Any jobs to manufacture arrays that are running at the time of the release will continue to run (will not be paused or cancelled) and the arrays will be delivered to the manufacturer once the job has completed. It will not be possible to anchor or online these arrays

So it would appear that my initial assumption was off, and it is still possible to manufacture and do research/Invention with a POS. However during the Structure presentation of FanFest 2018, the following was said:

Source: FanFest 2018: Structure Presentation


  • Reimbursement of Starbase Industry and Moon Mining structures
  • Increase the reprocessing yield to allow recovery of input materials
  • Blueprints converted into Standup module blueprints of similar value

This Winter

  • Disabling of manufacturing, research, reprocessing and compression functions of Starbase structures


yeah that is what propped this i found it odd CCP would disable it piecemeal when my corp mate said that capital ships could not be done

Can an Orca BP-C, and BP-C’s of it’s misc. parts, be run at an Engineering Facility, or does it need to be one specific for large ships manufacturing?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

anything not a capital just needs the basic industry service. that includes parts.

only exception is freighters are able to as well

What exact functions does a starbase still have?

everything other than mining still works

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