POS Any use still?

Can you put up POS anymore, what functions does it still perform?

A small tower can be put up very quickly compared to new structures, and provide a ‘safe spot’ for various ships inside its shield. industry features are gone, but ship + corporate hanger storage still works.


I would guess they can still be used for deployment staging purposes especially for supers but i dont see much use for them outside of that. Structures have fulfilled pretty much every single role of a POS 10x better now. I would think keepstars are quite a big deployment investment so a POS might be used for early staging or a short campaign, but you never know. Times are strange. Capitals are throw away ships and people run Sanctums in Supers and Titans. I miss the old dayssigh

Do they not count as cheap fast structures you can put up us a temp. wardec HQ?

yes still used, though some assemblies no-longer deploy.

unlike Structures, they still auto-defend themselves.

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