Are control towers still used?

(Chili Klaus) #1

I found a control tower blueprint in a data-can, but are they even used anymore with the new citadels?

(Donkyhotay) #2

I believe POS’s are still active but are going to be phased out/removed “soon”.

(Chili Klaus) #3

Thanks for the answer. I guess they aren’t worth much then

(Do Little) #4

POS are still used for jump bridges, cyno jammers and possibly a few other things. They no longer have any industrial use - research, manufacturing and reprocessing are now done by Upwell structures.

A player built stargate to replace jump bridges is planned soon™

Once feature parity is achieved POS will be removed from the game and owners will be reimbursed - precisely how the reimbursement will work hasn’t been announced.

(Tipa Riot) #5

Keep it, they will eventually be reimbursed or converted to something usable.

(system) #6

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