Building of Triglavian modules and ships

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So actually i never realy does industrie stuf of any kind but since i fly abyssals and get that huge numbers of BPC´s im curious how that is working.

if i see that right almost all of that things require stuf to build it wich wort more then the actual ship price - for example to build a drekavak you need stuf wort around 350 mil , while the ship is sold for 318 mil.

so i dont get it at all … if player make negatives building trig ships … why does anyone build them ? or is there a thing im missing here?

Most of those people have figured out how to get their materials at a lower cost.

For example: figure out what materials you need, but instead of buying them from Jita (expensive), place a variety of buy-orders throughout New Eden. People will sell their materials to you at a low cost because they are lazy and don’t want to fly all the way to Jita.

This will allow you to acquire those materials at a fraction of the cost.

That’s a nice idea, but you would have to take hauling costs (even if you do it yourself) into account.

Minerals you mine yourself aren’t free.

If hauling is a concern, you shouldn’t be building ships, because they’re huge and therefore troublesome to haul.

I dump everything I don’t want to haul myself to Highsec Buyback ( . For ships that’s not a profitable option though, as the yield in ship construction is simply too low

You are right about this. I know you’re right.

But not everyone knows this… What I’m saying is- people out there don’t take their time into account while mining/producing, and they are the ones selling the ship at a low price because “they didn’t take their time into account”.

And that leave’s OP here, wondering how people are selling a Triglavian ship for less than the cost of materials.

but then why use them to build the mods and not just sell them at jita… you’re still losing a lot of isk.

You’re probably right. I learned long ago that ship production simply isn’t worth it in Eve- so no need to convince me.

The OP is the one trying to figure out a way to do it.

Every couple of months when the price hikes I print off around 200-300 trig ships. It’s quite lucrative if you are buying the fancy trig matts off people like yourself. The main issue now a days with it is CCP’s grand idea with the industry changes. The majority of the cost used to be either the trig matts or in the kikimora’s case, the BPC. That’s simply not the case anymore. Even the kikimora uses the damn PI crap. This drove the price way up and keeps it elevated. It’s a pain. I have the facilities rigged in a way that building the vedmaks, dreka’s and leshaks has a decreased ME/TE. This saves me money to further increase the margins on them. As for transportation, kikimora’s weigh very little. Dreka’s aren’t all that bad to move, its the leshaks that are annoying. They are an entire DST with just 1. What I usually end up doing it dumping it next door in the HS system and then having PUSHX transport it to Jita. Costs me 9m, takes 24-48 hours. Eliminates the headache/risk of moving it myself. Let them risk it for pennies. Building a single ship here and there is silly, you need to be building in bulk to make a healthy profit you can actually see. Building/freighting this stuff out to null is going to lose money, Low-sec is the best place to be producing due to FW bonuses and Thukker rigs. There’s several freeported industrial parks throughout low-sec, just find them and setup shop. I own one of these industrial parks :slight_smile: I’d advise against setting up your own unless you have the backing of one of the big boys in low-sec, or you’ll just lose your structures before you profit. Like any sort of industry in EvE, run the numbers yourself, mining the minerals/collecting them isn’t free. Have fun with it, industry is in a very odd place right now.

But the marginal cost is very, very, very low.

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