㋡ Burn Jita

¤ Any know Burn Jita will come back again this year?

¤ It was something we called burn Amarr once, Is it stopped completely?

¤ Or is there any other fun going on this year?

Burn Jita already happened in feb

Fun?..In EVE?! Where have you been, good sir? Now days its krabbing,sh!tposting, and betting how many of the new CSM will be null sec/Goons. Yeah, kind of pathetic, course we have “Invasion” to look forward to…:thinking:

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Yes sometimes something fun, like example burn jita, big change in everyday games, The total chaos in jita, massive loot floating around in space, people in panic, many with suspekt, many free kill, yeah Love it,

Once a year it is fun :slight_smile:

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Dam was abroad and work all Jan to April, so i miss it :tired_face:

You can join Goonswarm and burn the North (NC.)


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