Burn Jita!

It begins again.


It begins again.

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Can you burn the moon-poo prices instead please??

Burn Jita proves that High Security Space is a misnomer.
Ganking is a way to kill a ship and its cargo that is worth more than the combined value of the attackers.

More -10.0 security pilots roam freely in Hi-Sec than ever before. It’s never been more safe in Hi-Sec for a pirate to kill at will with little cost to the attacker.
Pirates are free to roam in Hi-Sec like in Jita because their income for their killmail is greater than the cost of their lossmail. Who would not want to be a part of that lucrative industry.

There is nothing special about Burn Jita and what the aggressive pilots do and how much isk they make. Since Concord and the local navy cannot keep you safe. They fail ALL the time because your 10 billion isk freighter exploded, they did not save you.
High Security space does not exist in Eve. You are more likely to die in High Security space in your freighter passing from Amarr to Jita than you are in 0.0.

The pilots in Burn Jita who kills ships are proving beyond a doubt that your billion isk ships are not worth the isk you pay or the insurance you get. Since the attackers always win over time with very little outlay for massive returns.

Why CCP allows criminals to roam freely in Hi-Sec from gate to gate dock in stations wait for a ship to gank and wait out a 15 minute timer to do again and again only they know.


How would criminals and potential prey interact if you banned criminals from highsec? That doesn’t seem to be a very good design if you a building a cops and robber, or pirate/hauler type of game.

I am not asking CCP to ban criminals. The success of Burn Jita proves that criminals have it too easy in Hi-sec. They make isk from Ganking because they are mostly veterans of the game taking advantage of noobs and of the game mechanics which are in their favour in terms of risk vs reward. The reward is greater than the risk.
For far too long the risks are quite low for pirates in Hi-sec. They can continually Gank over and over again with little to no consequence to their gameplay.

Hi-sec is a pirates paradise. We should not be telling anyone that Hi-sec is safe.
The only ones that enjoy having pirates in Hi-sec are the pirates themselves, they enjoy the isk they make through current game mechanics.
They can shoot down a freighter due to large numbers and the freighter cannot even fight back but just has to sit there and explode.
Not fun for freighter pilot who is supposed to be protected by Concord and the local Navy.

Incursion pilots from Sansha Nation know how to defend themselves from hordes of adversaries. Drifters know how to kill off the enemies.
Lowly freighter pilots have Concord and the Navy to back them up but rarely if ever do they keep a pilot from losing their ship.
Sure for now let the pirates have the ability to attempt to kill a ship and possibly win but not to the point that the pirates always win in terms of isk gained.

When a large fleet of criminals attacks and the outcome is better for the pirates than for the innocent pilot in terms of isk gained and lost then there is an imbalance in the game.
Hi-sec pirates are farming EVE players and making a profit through current game mechanics.

They have the upper hand but if nobody complains then nothing will change.
The imbalance should be tilted a little back towards the innocent pilots favour not too far but enough that events like Burn Jita cannot exist without heavy consequences to the criminals.


To keep you safe is and was never their job.

BTW, what did you lose? :wink:

Those Goon hamsters really love spinning their wheel year after year after year…

Where was your d-scan? Where was your intel and scout? Why fly extremely slow ships though systems that are known to be basically besieged for next few days?

Sure for now let the pirates have the ability to attempt to kill a ship and possibly win but not to the point that the pirates always win in terms of isk gained.

Why not simply use agile ships that are much harder to gank? And stop flying so much cargo in a ship that this is actually the case… so far I lost only one hauler in highsec - and this was due to me not using instant dock. Learn and adapt - avoiding ganks is not even that hard, but you do need to use brain for that.

Since FOB rats kill pods, why doesn´t Concord or the Navy kill pods?

Consider it a learning curve to get your sorry little butt out of hi-sec and enjoy the rest of what eve has to offer in null/low

Plus… CCP like the idea of hi-sec ganking

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It seems important to get enough neutral forces to be able to get the most valuable loot in time.

Most of the competition must be to catch it in time before someone else gets it or destroys it.

Who is saying that? People, including CCP devs, have been saying that highsec isn’t safe for like 15 years.

What do you mean? If 50 or 100 players get together and plan a heist or assassination how is that imbalanced? How would the game be balanced if that one person always lost less than 50 other players who attacked them? Nothing would ever get destroyed in such a game.

Highsec is very safe. It takes many times the number of attackers to even have a chance of success of exploding someone highsec, and for some ships like freighters, a dozen or two fold. I don’t see how making it impossible for anyone to commit piracy would make for a interesting game - it would just cause piracy to stop in highsec. I dont think that is a desirable outcome for game developers trying to build a game where pirate is an intended profession.

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Other than legal war dec’s, which would cost to much and provide their targets with ample time to prepare, Burn Jita is just another excuse for Null Empires to destroy valuable things because their enemies have become to aware of their tactics.

Its the same tactic over and over again.

When you can’t defeat a much more powerful adversary, the powerful always attack the weak and take their belongings to then add to their own wealth base.

Where is the pride in the Lion attacking a truck full of Carebears?

Instead of whining about it, you could just not be one of those morons that make themselves loot pinatas. Ganking is only profitable when there are a lot of morons flying around that all put a big target on themselves. Nobody forced them to do that. If they want to do that without taking necessary precautions, that’s their own choice aswell. You can’t blame gankers for exploiting the stupidity of others.

CONCORDs job is retaliation, not protection.

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did someone say “scissor technique”?

Surely that would save the freighters!

If a new player in Rookie Help Chat asks if they are safe in 0.5 space they are told there is no ‘safe’. Not 0.5 not 1.0. Undocked is shootable.

the myth of safety in hisec is, in and of itself, a myth.


Burn Jita targets freighters, Bowheads and Orcas. They aren’t typically new player ships.

However, it’s often claimed that this type of ganking is vets targetting new players, so I just went and grabbed the last 6000 highsec killmails (1000 each for Obelisk, Charon, Fenrir, Providence, Bowhead and Orca) and checked the ages of the characters. The data goes back to January 2016, so it covers the last 2 and a bit years completely.

Here’s the averages:

Average Age (Days) 1749.7
Average Age (Years) 4.8
Std Deviation 1287.5
Median Age (Days) 1513.5
Median Age (Years) 4.1

So the mean age of characters flying freighter size ships being killed in highsec is 4.8 years, with 50% of all the values being above 4.1 years (and some well over 10 years). 84% of all the characters are well over a year old.

Gankers of these size ships don’t appear from the data to target noobs. They just target the ships and in most cases, the data shows that the characters are pretty much veterans.


Good data! And it’s not unlikely that a fair few of the younger freighter pilots are pilot alts of older mains as well, although that’s unfortunately hard to check.

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Meh, been in and out of Jita all day, same ol, same ol, every year weeeee burn Jita, weeeeee hulkageddon, year after year, becomes boring and those ships used could be out finding fights, but nope, lets do the easy thing that assures a Kilimanjaro mail that can pad a killboard.

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