...but I thought drugs were legal?

And that’s why the prices tanked.

The Gallente Federation stands in opposition to this celebration, as each year they have noted an increase in narcotics smuggling and the lives of their citizens under increased threat.*

So I guess the Gallente hold these entrepreneurs to a different standard than us? Anyway, I heard there was a problem with how contracts interpreted contraband, but rather than fix the contract bug, they legalized drugs. I noticed how stripping away the criminal element of those activities also caused the prices to tank. That was unfortunate.

They legalized capsuleer boosters, not the base drugs themselves.

Basically, as far as the lore is concerned, boosters are performance-enhancers (like, steroids), not narcotics. In real life, using performance-enhancing substances or drinks during sports competitions is against the rules / illegal for different reasons than why narcotics are illegal.

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