Illegality of Items

So, once upon a time in Eve there were certain items that were not allowed in Hisec, such as drugs. If you were caught with said items in your cargohold you would be scrammed and forced to either pay a fine or be destroyed. They removed this system and I am wondering why. Personally I feel it added another layer of fun to the game, especially for those who want to roleplay as a smuggler like one of my corpmates.

Aaaaahh, the days when combat boosters were illegal and drug manufacturing in Syndicate was a thing…


EVE used to be harsh, cold, and difficult.

Now it gets closer to every other easy-mode cash-grab MMO by the day.


Capitalism at its finest. :sunglasses:

How many Cuban and North Korean video game corporations?

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Actually I heard rumors of Cuban coder
Oh this :
Designed a game, North Korea unless dear leader approves that’s a no go.

Oh, i wasn’t aware of that, thx for the info.

Actually not entirely true, some items are still illegal, such as slaves anywhere not Amarr/Khanid space.

Though it’s true that a ton of things did get taken out of the contraband lists, like combat drugs and their components.

But I don’t think the drug bit is about dumbing down the game but allowing people access to stuff, because believe it or not, people do fight wars in high-sec too and now they too can pump themselves full of combat drugs like everyone else could. For example also helps gankers pull just that few extra points of damage from their fits.

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Is carrying amarr navy tags through amarr space still illegal?

I’m not sure, but dog tags are probably also still on the list.

Dog tags are not illegal, I don’t think any goods are anymore.

Yeah, and for what is illegal is generally worthless stuff, like slaves outside of Amarr or Khanid space.

Quite funny too, the ORE corporation have illegal goods too, but since you can’t be arrested in nullsec and they don’t control any highsec territory…


Opportunity for player intervention… Naaaaahhh. CCP wouldn’t dare add REAL interesting and fun content. Just force a very narrow ship type into the ‘SANDBOX’ for PVE.

With the changes (or some time before) to Reactions most illegal goods where removed from that list, primarily to make drugs (boosters) more commonly used throughout New Eden. Only a few item remain on the list of illegal items, like those mentioned in previous posts.

Hurray for “Stoned” drunken pilots, it’s a miracle that they can even hit anything :rofl:

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