Just getting back into eve online. what have you guys been doing?

I am thinking about dissolving my corporation and joining one already in progress. Get to know a corporation and its crew. I’d like to provide basic pvp security during pve activity, if that’s a job people are looking for.

I used to make drugs in low-sec. From 2015 - 2018 I used to sell slaves by the thousands, servicing the top 25 market hubs in New Eden, across every security status. That got boring, which is why I stopped, but I was proud of my corporation and still had drugs going on the side. Might still keep that going, just on the side.

You guys doing anything interesting right now?

I help miners.


Just grinding missions. Need the isk to buy skills.

I mostly just decrease the game’s player count by griefing as many of them out of it as I can.


I take stuff from Pochven on contract from people who cant be bothered evacuating it and dump it in Jita.

Nowdays drugs are no longer illegal in highsec. While you still can make drugs. It’s no longer same activity.

Nothing really changed, because there was always option to use blockade runner. Hauling illegal stuff would be completely different activity without ships with cargo scanner immunity. But from moment they existed the activity stopped existing and became regular hauling.

I did some illegal hauling with alpha and it was fun, but also extremely hard - gates just cannot be used at all, there is no minigame where we could avoid facpo, they stop us automatically, so without cargo scan immunity ship it is all about scanning a wh chain and hauling it via there. Which is still much exciting anyway as the chain can collapse or there may be hunters lurking inside.


i give words of wisdom to make people happy

Doubling ISK in the ISK doubling capital of New Eden.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I mostly do small gang and solo pvp.

I join the big alliance fleets too but the hunt is way more fun than sitting waiting for an opponent to decide if they would rather risk their spaceships or lose their structure.

If you want to provide pvp support for pve the best things you can offer are logi or ewar if you actually want to keep the pve players alive. If you want to use them as bait to get kills/opportunities that is different.

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The most interesting thing I’m doing related to EVE atm is waiting for yet another scripted thread futilely disguised as comebacker, attempting to revive the unrevivable.

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were in war right now and are trying not to die

Just using the 7 days free omega to see if it’s worth coming back.

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i undock and try to murder the fools that try to murder me
it works about 60% of the time

edit: ops didn’t see it was a necro topic
i also

Now there’s an old familiar name I haven’t seen in a long time…

Welcome back, hope the changes make it worthwhile for you to stay…

@Kenneth_Endashi, another old familiar name… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I’d say there’s definitely a job market for running PvP security during a corps PvE activities.

As for your own corp, just make an alt character CEO of your corp to keep it on the back burner, so to say… That way you’ll always have it ready and waiting when needed.

As for me, I’ve always considered myself an explorer, especially since that was the reason I joined Eve back in 2008 which I did for a lot of years. Course like a lot of others I first started mission running with Thukker Tribe which basically messed up my standings and in 2010, caused me to create and submit ‘The Plan’ to the community. But that’s a topic for another thread…

Anyway, over the past few years I’ve pretty much switched from doing exploration / mission running to doing more trade career. And as a side hobby I’ve gotten into collecting Apparel items. Currently my collection consists of 745 different male/female apparel items.

Other than that, I always keep this character subbed as Omega and training skills. That way, even if I take breaks and don’t log in for weeks or months at a time, my character is always ready to go when I do log in…

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