I just completed what I believe might be the largest Elite Slave run in Eve Online history

Last night I spent a few hours retrieving Elite Slaves I purchased on the market. By the time I got home with my cargo (1,932 Elite Slaves in my hold), I had an estimated 1.69 billion ISK worth of slaves.

Over several months I have refined my process through research, practice, and experimentation. In this time, my estimated wealth increased 50 percent. And then just last night, Kor-Azor Slave Holdings saw a 50 percent increase in stock.

2018 is going to be a good year.

My career background
I first got into slavery while making drugs in low-sec. We cooked ours over burning garbage (know what you’re putting in your body, folks) and moved them to market at ridiculous profits. I really enjoyed crime, but there were talks of coming legalization after CCP acknowledged they’d rather legalize drugs than fix their contract system that improperly handled contraband. This destroyed profits. Where I was paying my gas harvesters 20% of the profit from every pill their gas made (plus 100% market sell order rates), if I did it today, I could not so much as afford to keep a POS online. Thanks a pantload, CCP.

I am lobbying the CSM to bring back prohibition so that I might return to my first love of drug manufacture. Considering that will require real world resources devoted to fixing a problem CCP won’t acknowledge, I entertain no hopes of that happening, so I’ve gone all in on Elite Slavery.

Join my in-game chat channel EVE Harbor, where criminals and Amarr militia hang out. It’s also a good place for CEOs with empty corp chat channels, who wish to exchange ideas or just hang out with other lone entrepreneurs.

Thanks for watching and reading. Be well.


YOU MONSTER! :open_mouth:

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