Empire-illegal Items and Ships!

I believe empire-restrictions are being underused right now, so I have a few ideas to expand on it a bit:

Illegal Ships in High-sec space!

Sansha, Guristas, Blood Raider, Angel Cartel and Serpentis ships become illegal in Empire space.

What does that mean?

Empire NPCs (not CONCORD) will automatically engage all players in ships belonging to those 5, recognized criminal factions of New Eden: Station/Gate guns, along with those random NPC ships flying around. Something about zero-tolerance for criminal stuff, idk - but only in high-sec, low-sec stations wouldn’t bother with them, just gates. Even their BPC/BPOS would be illegal commodities! Legion, ORE and SOE ships would be kosher, though.

Sansha ships would be illegal AF however, as Sansha is a declared enemy of all empires, making even Low-Sec a dangerous prospect.

If the restriction to Guristas, Blood Raider, Angel Cartel and Serpentis ships would be to stiff, we can restrict them to just Sansha or something, or just to a specific empire’s nemesis, like Angel Cartel to Minmatar, Serpentis to Gallente, Guristas to Caldari and Blood Raider to Amarr (and Sansha to ALL, ofc).

ISK Tokens!

Using a specialized encoding service module for player-owned stations (that can only be acquired from pirates), that taps into CONCORD’s (or whatever NPC entity is responsible for finance) systems, you could create physical ISK tokens. Banned in all empire space like any illegal trade goods, they’d only be able to be used in Low-Null sec space, and with Lowsec token creation carrying a special “loking the other way” fee, proportional to the token value. Even the station module ITSELF, along with the BPC/BPOs would be illegal commodities, carrying a fine and customs penalties like always.

These tokens could be used for those under-the-table transactions you really don’t want to leave a paper-trail for, and even as materials for Sansha, Guristas, Blood Raider, Angel Cartel and Serpentis blueprints - be it ships or modules, and even Booster bpcs/bpos, and some illegal implants as well, as a bribe to the manufacturing/station personnel.

You’d only be able to create and consume those tokens in player-owned stations with this illegal service module, though. And, of course, these token can totally be destroyed in combat. :skull_and_crossbones:

Ofc, there could be a free-form token that you could fill with however much isk you want - the fixed denominations are just for the blueprint thing, and to have a kind of standard.

I believe these two ideas could help spice things up a bit. What do you guys think?
Click the arrows in the post for more details, they’re not that visible as spoiler tags.

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“spice things up a bit” --> explain how please

Sansha, Guristas, Blood Raider, Angel Cartel and Serpentis ships become illegal in Empire space. --> why should a ship be illegal? its just a ship … you car is not illegal if it was involved in a crime so why should it be different in eve??

ISK Tokens! --> i dont understand what this should be good (or not good) for … if you want to do trade without shown up go take what you want to sell … drop it in a container … the guys who wants to trade drops a item (plex??) in a container … fly over and getthe exchange … everything good … just a bit trust needed … a trade without trace so …

i thought that all stuff postet here should make at lease a bit sense … seams i was wrong


Ships being banned in empire space would be more of an immersion thing, since they’re pirate tech and the empires wouldn’t take fondly to that, since each of the faction ships is a thorn on the side of one of the empires.

PLEX price fluctuates wildly with player market - the ISK token would be stable. Also, this would open room for destruction in combat, since PLEX can be safely stashed in the PLEX vault nowadays.

With these considerations, I think these would, in fact, spice things up a bit - and by that, I mean bring some more opportunities and considerations.

High- Sec is not Rule by the Empires but by Concord himself. The Empires only have their territory assign as it was since Concord take control of the Space denominated as High-Sec. As an example, there are Gallente Station in Amarr Space and viceversa.

The Empires only control Low-Sec Space. So Ships being banned is not immersion is just ban. And Capitals are banned by Concord, not the Empires, as they have their capital fleets in High-Sec.

The ISK Token will fluctuate as everything else do, Plex was an “ISK Token” and then modify. No Item will be stable in EvE, not even NPC ones.

plex WAS a destroyable thing … and? some got destroyed … some got lost … some got loot … there was no spice in that i guess … only if you travled arround in a shuttle and hat 50 plex with you (old plex) it happend and it looked nice on the KM … that was the only spice

“PLEX price fluctuates wildly with player market” works as planed … its a player driven market … so no need to change that … if plex is too expensive make a subscription and dont worry about the plexprice … i dont care … plex can get up to 50.000.000isk i dont care … i dont use them … i have a few if i want a skins or so but … pff … 2 times a year …

its not pirate tech … its ship tuning

i am sorry … i see no “spice” in all that


It’s not a full ‘ban’ as in ‘you can’t use the ships’, it’s more of a ‘if you do we’ll attack you for flying the colors of our enemy’ kind of thing. You can still use them, but NPCs might fight you for it.

Also, it doesn’t have to be ALL of the pirates in all empires - it can be on a per-empire basis, like Gallente attacking Serpentis ships, while leaving all the others be, Minmatar attacking Angel Cartel, etc. but all of them attacking Sansha.

I don’t think this ‘ISK Token’ would fluctuate because there’d be a very clear and fixed price for creation and consumption, while PLEX depends on player demand. Plus, the ISK tokens could be used as materials in pirate-stuff construction. Also, unlike PLEX, ISK tokens can only be made in-game, not bought with RL cash.

Then why call them ISK Token? Just another Item to build things, but those are provided by NPCs… There are already Items like that…

Edit: CCP said that they do not want to expand in that way, but to let Players build almost everything.

That isn’t the name of the item - just the TYPE of item I was suggesting. They could be Cred-sticks or something, whatever CCP decides it would fit best. Plus, these ‘ISK Tokens’ would be strictly player-created, like the (non-alpha) Skill Injectors and, as said, would require player-only infrastructure to create.

I’m not blocking people from building or using anything, btw - just suggesting the empire NPCs (and NOT CONCORD) attack the players by themselves if using a particular ship in their turf.

Then is no-sense to impose a price on it. If is player build, it should be player price, no CCP price.

And no, I’m not talking about Concord attacking, just want to be clear who rules where. For that, just Join one of the 4 navys and go to their respective enemy bases in High-Sec and have fun with the Empire Police.

CCP wouldn’t price anything - the isk input in the creation of these ‘ISK Tokens’ would be their worth - like, 1, 5, 10, 50, 100M isk tomeks requiring 1, 5, 10, 50, 100M ISK respectivelly, and being able to be consumed for 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100M ISK as well. It’s not creating or destroying isk in any way - just ‘coin’ denominations to ease implementation.

Also, the ship-attack thing is just to provide more presence to the NPC navy, other than decoration around gates.

I hate both of these ideas.

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Like drugs being legal for some time now.

Like I said, that is CCP Imposing a price on it and even so, if is Player driven price, it wont be stable. Even Skills, that are NPC Items, are bought by players and then Sell elsewhere for more. No Item in EvE is Stable.

And your explanation makes no real sense, try harder please.

For your Info, NPC Navy is there to protect the Space against there enemies in the FW. If they do not show up does not mean they are there for nothing.

It’d be better if you elaborated on that, so it can be worked on, rather than “I just hate it”, Wolfgang.

Also, I’m not saying to make the current boosters illegal. There could be new ones, or something. Just giving ideas of items that could join in on the empire-restriction stuff.

That’s one idea to ease implementation of these tokens, as to eventually include them in blueprint requirements as my other idea mentioned. That you didn’t bother reading. They can, of course, be implemented in a free-form mode as well, like the blueprints nowadays, in which they each have their own unique ME and PE efficiency rates.

For one I think making ships and modules illegal would be an awful way of losing it. Where am I going to get my 2.5bil Nightmare Incursion fit? Sure isn’t going to be dead in the middle of null space where I wouldn’t be running incursions anyway.

I just don’t understand the point of the isk token.

Sansha ship restrictions could be eased in low-sec, and only restricted in hi-sec.

Plus, the ISK token serves to avoid the API check on wallet information and, as mentioned, they could be used in blueprints or something for illegal stuff - as bribes, and you could make it so that certain, new pirate things could only be purchased by those, instead of direct isk. You know, dodging the transaction records from authorities.

I read it and I do not understand it. And it seems that we play different games, cause ME and PE have a cost which is Player driven and BPOs are not free, but CCP Impose the price of it.

I think here is you the one who is not reading/listening and is another “I think this, if you don’t go away” idea.

Edit. ok, you edit it so is more clear and make an explanation later more clearly of your ISK Token thing.

Edit2 -> What you want is an Item for Black Market stuff. That is a different story, but again, making it Player Build but Fixed price is not possible.

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It’s a simple conversion from wallet isk to item form and back again - just giving it a physical form to bypass paper-trails and stuff. Plus, it’s much simpler to add a fixed item to list in blueprints than to accommodate a very specific token with just that much isk on it, that would be horribly troublesome. Just trying to reuse mechanics already implemented.

I understand the Idea of an Item to be used for Black Market, but implemented inside BPs? Is better to implement an Item that you must buy from an NPC Corp(Pirate in your example) than an ISK Token like you suggest or use the Token as change for the BPC of it instead. But nowadays that is call Loyalty points + ISK.

And what is the reason to bypass paper-trails? There is going to be a mark in your Wallet when you “create” the token. Instead, if you loot that “token”, is not.

It shouldn’t be restricted at all, it’s a totally unnecessary pain in the neck. There is no gameplay reason to make pirate ships illegal, there is no benefit to making them illegal, they haven’t been illegal for over a decade. This doesn’t create gameplay. After Forward Operating Bases were released people figured NPC corporations should be creating more spontaneous gameplay than players, I think that’s nuts. The only time an NPC should be shooting at me is if I’m killing his friends, killing his pet rock, or hanging out on a gate.