[BUYBACK][GENERAL] Hangar cleaner, General buyback! Buying anything anywhere*

open for business all year around

great service, would recommend using when needing to get rid of things.

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We still have some time for spring but why not beat the rush and clean your hangar today?

The easiest-fastest way to get fast liquid isk!

fast and simple.

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Anything anywhere*!!

This guy bought most of the stuff on my list today: WTS Caps in low-sec/npc null (ALL SOLD)
Good prices, nice service from a nice guy!

Fast and simple.

Super fast service, was reasonably pleased with the deal. Will make use of the service again!

I’v been lucky to be contacted by Touble man, saved me from howling a ton of shi*** around EVE. Could have got a far better price by moving stuff around and selling it on market, but time has it own value.
fast and simple service. Tnks again touble :wink:

Easy going
No bs

10/10 would use again

This Guy is awesome <3 very easy to trade with him,
The prices are very reasonable. 10/10 i recommend.

Swift contact, haggled a bit but came to a decent price in the end - would recommend to others, great for when you got stuff laying about you just want liquidated

over 8 bill in paid out in a matter of minutes Great buyer!