to remain private venture

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Just wanted to let everyone know of an upcoming opportunity. The official IPO will launch in Feb 2018 as I am currently spinning up production to mass scale and working on hiring the right people for certain jobs internally. Anyone who invested in One Stop Mining Shop, One Stop Research Alliance, or any of my private projects will be able to invest prior to anyone else. Looking at Feb 2nd through Feb 10th for those investors. Remaining shares will be available to the public on February 15th.

Shares will be virtual, just like One Stop Research. Targeted per share price will be 50,000,000 ISK per share at release. Number of shares will be based on current NAV of the project plus the cash needed for project operations. I will purchase 51% of the shares personally prior to official release. Assets will be vetted by a 3rd party prior to public release. NAV reports will be published on my website for tracking purposes on the 5th of each month. For example February’s NAV report will be posted March 5th. All share purchases and transfers must go through me to properly update the share ledger. This process will be exactly like One Stop Research IPO. This project is planned to run a minimum of one year, but has a targeted close date of 2/1/2020 unless sold or closed down by a majority decision of investors.

Projected Starting NAV - 215b
Projected Required Funding - 60b
Projected Total Shares - 5,500 @ 50m EA

Please note it is entirely possible all of these shares will be gone before the public date is reached. You can then always purchase shares form anyone on the investor list which will be maintained on my website. Buy and Sell orders can also be placed for shares through me just like I did with One Stop Research. I will answer any questions for now. Feel free to post questions here or contact me in game.

To those new to working with me there is no percentage monthly return. You share value will increase or decrease based on the NAV of the company and player demand of the shares. Provided we grow our business well, you will make a tidy profit in a year’s time as I am sure many of my old investors will soon share in this thread. It has been a while, and I look forward to this next great adventure with all of you.

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Ive never heard of One stop mining shop/research alliance, and it feels like your recent post in the “Ranked lists of largest ever MD bond offerings” thread was simply there to name-drop this rather small IPO(if it ever existed in the first place) to give yourself some street creds.

Do you have a link to your previous thread where you originally posted your IPO?

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First understand this was 2008 - 2009 ISK, not today’s ISK or even remotely close to it. ISK had much greater value back then and my IPO was the largest of the times excluding a few scams that happened during those years.

There was a nice interview done when I came back to EvE which can be found here with all of the relevant links you asked for.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

(LadyOfWrath) #5

Thanks CistaCista, nice to be working on a fun project again. :grinning:

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Just skimmed over the historic One Stop threads on the old old forum. Amazing how many names I’d forgotten, not sure if that’s a reflection on the decline of MD/Eve or of my memory.

Anyway welcome back and good luck LoW.

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What’s the website mentioned by the OP?

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I have recently purchased a corporation, the website, assets, and a few characters involved. I am giving it an overhaul currently as it was deployed on Wordpress which is not what I want to use, but may have to given the time constraints. Website should be open to public in the next couple of weeks. I requested the seller give me 28 days before making the transaction public so I have time to overhaul the website.

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Nice to see you again. I was Murixo when I invested in you last. Count me in again.

(LadyOfWrath) #10

@Droodid Nice to see you still around. Look forward to working with you again!

I will be working on web work most of the day and my 4 days off work this week. Should have something presentable by Monday to test internally.

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One stop mining shop is a legend. Back to EVE history 1.0 class.

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #12


I assume when the project shuts down, current stakeholders get the relevant cut of the resulting ISK?

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #13

Also, to be clear, this is a no-dividend plan (based on your post)? That is, any profits are reinvested into the operations side?

(LadyOfWrath) #14

@Dethmourne Silvermane - Honestly it depends on margins and how fast the company grows. I would love to pay dividends as that ensures return on investment faster than waiting until liquidation, and provides added value to the stock among player trading. What it will really boil down to is if it makes sense to keep reinvesting profits for better returns. When we get to a point like this I will let the investors make the call as a whole. My job is to present the facts, possible trends, and projected outcomes from both angles so my investors can make an educated decision. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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following :slight_smile:

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Wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going. Website is being polished right now. Most of the back end is complete and functional. I may invest in a more professional system depending on growth and ROI, however this works for now. We have made a few trade deals which are of huge benefit to us. For anyone who wants a sneak peak as what we are doing you can check out for the latest information. I will have frequent blog posts as we continue to ramp things up. Only a few products are for sale right now due to a massive amount in production and reaction currently, the list should be heavily expanded by end of December. Please continue to leave questions here and I will answer when I am able.

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We just released our December Grab Bags to raise money for EvE University. Check out all the details at

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\o\ LOW is back in town! welcome back.

will be keeping an eye on this

(Jeronica) #19

Looks pretty interesting. I’ll be in touch. Are you in SCC discord?

(LadyOfWrath) #20

Not currently in SCC Discord. Have some developments I hope to close out by the end of the week so I will post an update for that as well. I have reactions coming out in a few days then a steady stream of product. Made some trade deals for a few items I need monthly. Spun up a few more reaction alts which will also function as low touch PI for monthly product. I have a ton of news I want to share, but waiting on some terms to be negotiated. Stay tuned!