[INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY] - Mantis Acquisitions

Dear EVE Online Community,

I hope this message finds you well and thriving in the vast universe of EVE Online. Today, I am excited to extend a special invitation to all pilots seeking opportunities beyond the usual pursuits of spacefaring adventures. I present to you an exclusive chance to become a part of Mantis Acquisitions, a pioneering enterprise dedicated to the procurement and acquisition of diverse assets within EVE Online, with a focus on strategic reselling for profitable returns.

Established on September 18th, 2023, Mantis Acquisitions has been diligently navigating the intricate markets of New Eden, strategically acquiring assets and maximizing returns for our esteemed shareholders. As of now, the company has reached a significant milestone, with all initial public offering (IPO) shares successfully sold.

Currently, 50% of the company’s shares, totaling 250,000,000, are in circulation among our valued shareholders. Therefore there are currently 0 shares which can be bought directly from Mantis Acquisitions. However you can always buy them from current shareholders if they’re willing to sell.
The other 50% of the company’s shares, again totaling 250,000,000, are still in possession of Mantis and are used to generate profit for the business quarterly, which is pumped back into the business to help Mantis grow and generate more revenue.

One of the hallmarks of Mantis Acquisitions is our commitment to transparency and investor satisfaction. We uphold a quarterly dividend payment schedule, ensuring that our shareholders reap the rewards of our collective efforts. The next dividend payment is scheduled for June 1st, 2024, promising yet another lucrative return for those invested in our venture.
All dividend payments are announced publicly, and evidence of payments will be given publicly, to help ensure trust and transparency to the wider community.
Joining Mantis Acquisitions is not just an investment; it is a strategic partnership in shaping the economic landscape of EVE Online. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with a proven track record in asset acquisition and management, ensuring the continued success and growth of our enterprise.

For more indepth information related to Mantis Acquisitions, please refer to our Key Information Document, here:

For further inquiries or to initiate your investment journey, please feel free to reach out to me via this forum post, you can also contact me directly with an EVE Mail ingame, or you can join our Discord server found in the Key Information Document (above), and speak to current shareholders and/or myself.


Participated in the first version of Mantis 1-2 years ago, Was lots of fun and made some decent ISK. The best part was really waiting at the end of each month for the frenzy of shares being bought and sold left and right after getting our dividends. There was a lot of transparency and same is going on in this version. We see everything that is being bought with buy orders and at the end of a quarter we get a nice view on all that is going to be resold for profit before getting payed.

This is not for quick isk, its long term, and you get to have fun with all the others involved in the process.

Even if you don’t want to partake ( buying shares ), I believe you can still sit in the discord and see how things are going. Might make you want to try it out. Worth to give it a look see.

If you are interested, this version is still in its infancy so come join if ya wanna see something grow, even if its just for the hell of it!


Are you planning on releasing additional shares specifically for the IPO, or are you going to be selling off parts of the 50% package you currently own? Are current investors aware of the potential dilution, or alternatively, are you not concerned about someone performing a hostile takeover?

A very good and valid question
There will be no additional shares created which will dilute the value of the shares currently in circulation between shareholders

As of right now, Mantis has no intention on releasing more shares to the general public and reducing its current stakehold in the business
Only way to get shares atm will be to buy them from current shareholders, and there is a walkthrough guide on “howto” in the Discord channel :slight_smile:

Hope that helps answer your question :slight_smile:

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Well, if there’s no way for me to buy stock that’s not preowned through private placement, what are we even doing here? There’s no information about the company whatsoever, so if you’re attempting to go public with it, you might want to, you know, publicise some actual financials.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
We’ve been public for a while now, hence why all shares have already been bought up.
After asking other shareholders’ permission, and to attract more interest in the business, we decided to advertise on the Official EVE Forums as well (I’ve never really posted here before, nor had much interest in the forums)

Regarding some previous financials; We’ve only had one quarter paid so far
The financials are as follows:
Profit after 3 months = Ƶ 14,405,692,846
Amount paid out to shareholders = 7,202,846,423

Currently we’re operating in just a few regions, and we have every intention to continue to expand into new regions as time goes on, thus increasing profits over time

EDIT - Furthermore, if you were to join the Discord server, there are daily reports of what’s been acquired, prices paid for it, estimated profit, etc
There’s a lot more information in the Discord, where it’s far more transparent

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No, you haven’t been. This is the first time the public has heard about you. Additionally, the profits you listed would amount to 9.61 ISK per share per month IF your corporation had a total of 500 000 000 shares, which it does not as per ingame info. Additionally additionally the character Banker Marcellus is a member of an alliance that is currently housing Amarrian Investment and Trade Company. That corporation also sold shares to the public back in the day, which leads me to believe that you’re the alt of Banker Marcellus. More importantly, AITC hasn’t actually ever paid out dividents.

tl;dr This is a scam. You’re trying to get people to buy fictional shares from your alts.

Thank you again for your post.
I’ll take everything you’ve said as a positive :slight_smile:

I plan to post investment returns here to prove legitimacy, and returns to shareholders in the form of screenshots

Again, I urge you to join the Discord before making any sort of judgement, but thank you for your comments so far, it’s much appreciated

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I am also invested in this venture and can assure you it is not a scam.


Same. I have a substantial amount of shares and have already profited nicely off them!


It is a great opportunity that is being run very well by the organiser. The venture is transparent, seeing everything that is bought on discord. Dividends are paid out in on time and in full.

Join the discord server, have a look, you will see it is expanding and legitimately making ISK.
I sold some shares to have my full investment returned with profit without even flying a ship :slight_smile: within the first quarter.


Interested in this opportunity I joined the discord.
I then purchased 1 million shares.
I am now a small investor in this venture.
I am told the next payout is June 1, 2024.
It is a fun and interesting idea and way to own shares in a corporation within EVE.
Ofcourse never invest more than you can afford to lose etc.
But I also like to try new things meet new people and have fun with new business partners ie making money is fun.
If i lose my 2.7 billion, then so be it. But I hope more and more legitimate business come out because people deserve alternative investment opportunities imo.
Appreciate your time dedication and hard work w Mantis @Arya_De_Vila o7


I have worked with Arya in and around their projects for a couple of years now and have never been disappointed. Definitely a straight arrow operation as far as eve goes. Keep up the good work @Arya_De_Vila


Bump, I’m working on advertising and marketing to get more investors into this opportunity to see how it goes in the end how high can we raise the share prices the average buy-in price only time will tell.


Become a shareholder in Mantis Acquisitions!
Key points:

**EARN DIVIDENDS QUARTERLY per share based on corp profits.

**Buy and sell shares freely.

**Share buyback at average shareprice TBD

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Are you an Eve Online player looking to invest? Join us and own stock in a publicly traded corporation that generates profits through market trading. The business is fully transparent, posting earnings daily on Discord. Also shareholder names, size of posiion, and all other pertinent documents are available in discord #documents channel.

:moneybag: Earn quarterly dividends and potentially boost share prices with the upcoming buyback. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

:mag: For more details, visit our Forum post or join our Discord server:

:globe_with_meridians: Eve Forum post: [INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY] - Mantis Acquisitions
:speech_balloon: Discord: Mantis Acquisitions

Invest with confidence!

Disclosure: I am a shareholder with 1 million shares.

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Mantis Acquisitions’ current quarter is coming to an end

Dividends are set to be paid out on 1st June to shareholders 🙂

Profits from the business this quarter are CURRENTLY at:

Ƶ 15,526,812,668.08 with 50% of profits being paid out to shareholders (amount dependant on number of shares held)

Information on the business:


Discord Server:


Any questions

Ask here, or in the Discord server, and I’m sure someone will be happy to help you

All dividends paid out to Mantis Acquisitions shareholders
Next dividend pay out will be on 1st September :slight_smile:

Interested in getting involved?