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(Tldr though you should read it, profit share for passive income while your play time is limited)

Sometimes life gets in the way of our precious eve time. I for one hardly find time to login and play which is sad, however I know I’m not the only one in this boat so here’s something for those like me.

First though, I just want to say I am glad to have been able to use a service such as Mantis Acquisitions which has reliably maintained a passive isk gain to my account while I don’t have the time to grind it.

I will list the discord and public documents about Mantis at the bottom. Anyway, Mantis started in July of 2021 with an IPO on shares to it’s business to raise capital of which I bought into. Ever since Mantis has seen a steady increase in expansion as well as profits for the shareholders and has been consistent on paying out for nearly a whole year now. Nothing except the assets bought and sold are tied to anything ingame so there is little risk to Mantis for capital loss. The shares trade publicly through the old and new members that join the discord server with Mantis acting as escrow for isk transfers.

Despite Mantis being only a year old it still has a lot of expansion left only covering about 30% of the regions it wants to cover in it’s Phase 1 operations. This means that profits and share price might still be low compared to the future. Shares range anywhere from 20k-50k isk per share and usually trade in increments of 1000 shares. Now before you take a look and compare the payouts to something that pays dividends in the real world keep in mind this is a video game. The share payout is admittedly not the most attractive feature of being a shareholder however it does what it’s meant to be and this is gain passively with no work for you.

That being said let’s get onto the perks of being a shareholder.

  • Obviously you get a consistent dividend payout of the profits on the 20th every month. (See graphs)

  • Shareholders get access to more data than the public data sheet.

  • Shareholders can actively trade shares as another form of profit.

  • Shareholders get to be apart of locked discord channels however owning shares is not required to be a part of our little family. Public channels are available.

  • Shareholders get confidence in your isk transfers with the escrow service available, not one person has been scammed to date.

  • Shareholders get first pick on assets acquired in game sold for less than Jita sell prices. Another point of profit for those willing.

Most importantly, shareholders will never be required to sell their shares back to Mantis Acquisitions however Mantis does plan on buybacks in the future. This is where the big profit can be negotiated for your investment and where getting in now if you choose matters.

Overall I have been extremely happy with the service and I encourage you all to go check it out and have some fun with it.

Public doc. (MAQ) Graphs Over Time - Google Sheets

Discord. Mantis Acquisitions

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June 2022s payout is finally published and finalized and we have had a record breaking month!!

Payout to shareholders
Ƶ 4,380,963,321.54

Total business profits.
Ƶ 7,998,274,070.00

Come get in while our expansion is still happening. Share price should only go up from here.

GRAPH: shareholder payouts (blue), total business payout (red)

Good things come to those who wait :slight_smile:

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