BVE Enterprises is now recruiting!



BVE Enterprises
(Greater Solitude Commonwealth) is a multi-functional logistics company headquartered in the Verge Vendor region, working towards diversity and economic stability, while providing logistical support and trading opportunities throughout the EVE universe.

Now recruiting to facilitate proper training and access to resources for new and experienced players with a acceptable security status rating (+0.00 and above) from CONCORD.

Chat: BVE-Public (See MOTD for Corp Ops info)

Currently accepting applications for both Omega & Alpha Clones. Our minimum member age (IRL) requirement is 21.

Our areas of focus are:

Mining and Ore Excavation
Trade and Manufacturing
PvE & Alliance PvP Fleets
Mission Running
WH Exploration
Access to Corporate Assets (ships, modules, etc.)
Access to Alliance resources (moon pops, citadel access in low sec, Discord/SeAT, etc,)

Must be active member. Login at least 3 days a week. Please allow 48hrs for Corporate Applications to be reviewed & processed. Thanks.

We look forward to flying with you. Fly Safe!!


Jallem Opeka
Operating in New Eden since YC111 (2009)

Active between 2300 - 0500 Eve Time M-F & 1600 - 0500 Eve Time Sat-Sun with some periodic AFK time. Or just Evemail me. Discord Server coming soon.

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