C2 Wormhole for sale, Large Hisec Static-Medium C1 all POCO's and fitted Astra

Selling a C2 WH

We have an Astrahus in the hole fitted (Not rigged) and all POCO’s ready to transfer over to new holding Corp once sale has gone through.

There is dead sticks in the hole we have one Corp owned stick which will be removed and that will leave you with one moon which you can anchor a stick yourself either as a stopper for other corps or even use if needed.


So for the Astrahus and 7 Pocos we are looking for 3.3b
Join our public channel in game R.A.T or drop me a PM.


Saturday Bump

Still have the hole for sale

Daily Bump

This hole is still ready for new owner to take charge

Interested, will contact in game…j

Not been too active last few days, The hole is still for sale can either PM me in game or join the in game channel R.A.T

I think we should be able to reach an agreement. I sent you an in game mail and have reached in the public chat you linked. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Just finished the transaction without a third party which made me nervous but CEO was very professional and even took the time to explain how everything works. Very clean simple and easy would buy again.

Thanks for having that sort after trust within EVE, it is hard I know :smiley: but we are not all out to scam people out of their hard earned iskes :smiley:

I will however do a few deals with the guy we talked about so that option could be there for future sales with other pilots of New Eden.

Needless to say the hole has been sold all transfers completed so this is now a closed advert.


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