C2 Wormhole Industry Alliance - US TZ [TMI] [HEEP]

Hello Capsuleer!

HEEP (Hyperion Eridium Enrichment Project) is recruiting pilots and corporations to join us in our C2 wormhole. We’re part of an old wormhole alliance TMI (Twilight Military Industrial) which is among one of the first few original alliances to move into wormhole space. Now opening our doors and looking for mature friendly pilots to come mine and occasionally PVP with us.

What we offer:

  • 0% Tax Rate for members in our corp and across our structures and planets
  • A place for industry corps to call home
  • Help with fittings and game mechanics to improve your gameplay
  • PVP and defense fleets
  • Refinery, Research, and Manufacturing
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Weekly ore fields
  • Static C4 and Highsec
  • T2/T3 production

Traits we’re looking for:

  • Mature and laid back.
  • Looking to play casually and have fun (low drama)
  • Someone who is patient and can play independently when necessary
  • Someone that exhibits respect and honor
  • Someone who is helpful and plays well in groups
  • Some wormhole or probing experience
  • Some PVP experience but not required
  • Okay with Discord and voice chatting

Requirements to join:

  • Want to get to know you and your background
  • Full ESI may be requested if we don’t feel right about you
  • Couple chats on discord

Join our public in-game chat channel to stay in touch:

Nobody around? We’re probably sleeping, drunk, stoned, at work, or pleasing our significant other.
EVE-Mail a recruiter:

  • HEEP Director: lord iskies
  • HEEP Director: Msmina
  • HEEP CEO: Dryce
  • Alliance CEO: Darquane

Our recruitment is still open. Feel free to eve mail us and drop us a line in our pub chat: HEEP Pub

Would like to chat
Us tz 5pm 8pm

Recruitment is still open! Drop by our pub channel for a chat :slight_smile:

Our recruitment is still open.

Recruitment still open for corps or pilots interested in moving into a wormhole.

Recruitment still open. Drop by our pub channel for a chat or shoot us a mail.

We’re still recruiting. Drop by our pub chat HEEP Pub for a chat or shoot us a mail.

We’re still recruiting.

We’re still actively recruitment pilots and corps interested in C2 industry/pvp life :slight_smile:

We’re still actively recruiting for our wormhole.

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